Why Is Zoe Saldana’s Character Silent In All The Guardian Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailers?

Zoe Saldana's Character

At this point, there are a slew of trailers for the second installment of Guardians Of The Galaxy, aptly titled Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2. The new sequel trailer released in the Super Bowl and on the Internet quickly made the biggest waves. According to the breed, it stimulated 47,800 new online conversations, making it the most popular business.

Buzz happened, there is a person did not say a word: Gamora. Gamora, the heroine of the popular film series, plays Zoe Sol Dana. Next to the Star-Lord (Chris Platt), she is undoubtedly the most well-known figure due to her take-no-shit attitude and unforgettable greenish colors. But she did not say a word in the trailer. This is very strange.

Hollywood Reporter” pointed out that this strange trend, even if all the movie trailers released, will be on May 5, so far. While premature blowing of the horn of the WTF, Marvel Studios is evident that it is good to have Gamora’s forefront image used, but let her completely silence. Even the baby tree (big, Van Diesel’s voice) talks. And his piece of wood! Hard to surmise that her silence could play to her entire strong “silent, but also fatal” narrative, but they do not buy (and we).

We still have time for more trailers before the early summer movie releases, perhaps Gamora-dedicated caught in our midst. Women should be seen and heard. Especially when they kick ass.

Check out the first two of the trailers below and see it for yourself.

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