The Force Awakens – Without Prejudice


‘The Force Awakens’…

I’m sure we are all screaming roll on December 18th for

…and with it so does our love and obsession with the all time classic STAR WARS franchise.


The Bounty Hunter wears the College jacket with Kingswood shirt and Walm waistcoat.

Already people are dusting off their lightsabres and charging their droids, and surely once again STARWARS will capture the hearts of millions in this and every galaxy.

A decade may have passed since the release of ‘EPISODE III’ but that does not mean that any of us have grown too old to play at Jedi and Sith.

Unfortunately after ten years I myself may have gone the way of Jabba but most of us have simply progressed from a ‘young padawan’ into grown man and as such don’t get away with dressing up anymore.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot still support our respective sides of ‘The Force’


The Jedi wears the Anson suit with Kingswood shirt.

Here at Without Prejudice, we too are counting down the days and arcseconds to the big unveiling of the seventh STARWARS installment and would like to show our support with our own subtle tip of the hood to the wonderful world Replica Watchesof STARWARS.

We cater to all sizes from from Ewok to Wookie and use the finest materials from here to Tatooine, fit for Chancellors, Masters and even Emperors.

The Sith wears the Anson suit with Loveridge shirt.

With each of our looks we promise you’ll
feel smoother than a neutron star,
look hotter than planet Mustafar,
and of course,
be as sharp as a light sabre.


The Vader wears the Randolph suit with Loveridge shirt.

You too can have a suit smoother than Darth Vader. The difference is…

…it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We hope you enjoy our looks for the Stylish Siths, Judicious Jedis and of course Badass Bounty Hunters.

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