The Complete On and Off Court Guide – Wimbledon

“Does this top go with these trousers?” “Can I wear my red shoes with this jacket?” Everyone will have asked a similar question at some point in their life. Matching up colour is just one of life’s hardships that you have to work out eventually. At least if you don’t want to go outside dressed like a rainbow.  Figuring out how to pair up an outfit can be a real struggle. Colour - model

One of our tricks at Mainline Menswear is to utilise your neutral colours. These are black, white, grey, and to an extent navy and brown. Neutral colours will go with everything, so it’s much easier to match neutrals with one bold colour in your outfit. The options are endless: black and red, navy and orange, grey and blue. Or some of our personal favourites: plum and white, and pink and grey.

Using one bold colour adds a little pop to your outfit.Panerai Replica Watches
Brighten up your grey work suit with a bold pink shirt, or match your white chinos with a smart, plum polo shirt.

The best thing about using one bold colour with a neutral base, is that you can insert the colour into your outfit as many times as you want. Try black jeans with blue trainers and a blue t-shirt, or red trousers, red shirt and a grey blazer. Using your bold colour as a running theme throughout your outfit can really make you stand out – just be careful to not overpower the neutral colours you’re pairing it with.

If you want to include more than one colour in your look, make sure you wear complimentary colours. These are the ones which are opposite each other on the colour wheel, so red and blue, yellow and violet, pink and green, or the classic black and white. Colour - trousersColour - wheel Colour - jumper

Complimentary colours allow your outfit to be brighter and stand out, but avoids horrible colour clashes like pink and red.

Similar rules apply to patterned clothing. Stick to one item with a bold pattern, paired with similar colours or neutral colours. Whatever you do, don’t wear clashing patterns, a pinstripe suit with a spotted tie for example – a massive no.

One key tip is to be confident in the colours you choose. If you look and feel comfortable in your outfit, then that’s how people are going to view you. After you’ve experimented with colour for a while, you’ll find one that really suits you, and soon you’ll be assured enough to leave the house in outfits you’d never thought of wearing previously.

Good luck and if in doubt, use your neutral colours. You can’t go wrong with a sharp black and white pairing. Check out our website for a huge selection of clothes in every colour, and find that new colourful outfit to accentuate your wardrobe.

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