Why Custom-Made Blazers Are Making a Comeback

If you think of men’s clothes as a sports team, you could make a strong case that the blazer is the MVP. After all, this piece of clothing can attract attention and make an outfit stand out. At other times, a plain and simple blazer accentuates other items of apparel that you’re proud of, such as designer jeans or a spiffy necktie.

What’s more, a blazer can complete an ensemble as well as tie it together, harmoniously joining disparate elements. Basically, a blazer is a top scorer, a power forward and a pinch hitter all rolled into one.

Yes, blazers were hugely popular long ago, and your grandfather may have cherished his. Nevertheless, they’re making a monster comeback, and they’re now as fashionable as just about any other type of men’s clothing.

Why shouldn’t they be? These coats are super comfortable, and they can be surprisingly affordable. They also last for many years. Better yet, custom-made blazers can really make every part of your torso look its absolute best.

Fitting Your Body and Your Schedule

These days, many people seek to have their clothing customized. Custom clothes can be an assertion of your individuality, and in a competitive business world, they can make you more noticeable. Your colleagues and those with whom you’re networking may look at those outfits and get the subliminal impression that you care about details and are willing to put forth your very best effort.

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Custom-made blazers are leading this trend. To obtain such a coat, you’ll visit a tailor for a fitting, during which time that professional will take careful, detailed measurements of every part of your upper body. That way, your jacket will hang just right, hug what needs to be hugged and cover what needs to be covered. It can even alter your appearance to some degree by virtue of padding.

With this kind of blazer, you can choose your fabrics according to your tastes, your budget and the weather. That is, if you’ll be wearing a certain jacket during cold winters, wool or a similarly heavy material would probably work well. On the other hand, linen and other light fabrics are great for the spring and summer, while a blazer that you’d use year-round might call for a blended material.

Thinking Small

With a customized blazer, you can choose the way every facet looks. How many buttons will the coat have, and what will they be made of? What kind of shape do you want for your lapels? How long will the cuffs be? All of these questions and more are for you and your tailor to discuss and answer and the end result is sure to be an idiosyncratic and stylish product.

Pockets are likewise ripe for personalization. If you have little use for pockets, your blazer could contain very few of them. On the other hand, if you feel like you take half your possessions with you every time you leave home, you could request pockets aplenty. That way, you’ll always have secure storage spaces for your phone, pens, business cards, handkerchiefs and so on.

If you’re feeling daring, you might have a large photo emblazoned on the lining of your blazer. Imagine a coat that sports a picture of your spouse, your own smiling face or someone or something else that’s precious to you.

Blazers for Work and Play

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Once you have a customized blazer, you might be surprised at how versatile it is. It can cover up a shirt that’s stained or sweaty, or one that you just didn’t iron so well. It can make a pair of jeans or chinos look dressier or when worn without a necktie, a suit more casual. In other words, this coat can be ideal for dates, outdoor evening parties and other events that straddle the line between formal and informal.

A blazer will go well with all kinds of neckwear as well, including ascots and scarves. Plus, while many suit jackets only look good with conservative neckties, a blazer can support just about any tie. When you wear such a coat, you can put on your favorite polka-dotted, striped or “Star Wars” tie.

Celebrity-Endorsed for Sure

Given the elegance that personalized blazers bestow, many famous people have been eager to wear them in public in 2017.

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To give you a few examples, actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, former soccer star and entrepreneur David Beckham, radio and TV host Ryan Seacrest and Thor himself Chris Hemsworth have all rocked blazers at entertainment events and on other occasions this year. As you can see from these photos, their coats were all very different from one another, yet they were all perfect for accenting the rest of their ensembles.

So let’s hear it for custom-made blazers. They’re sharp, they’re cozy and they’re certainly rugged and durable. They’re also hugely adaptable, capable of fitting in just about anywhere. Best of all, these coats can introduce everyone you meet to your unique sense of style.

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