Whether Short Men Can Wear Double-Breasted Suits or Sport Coat?


Shorter men always think about wearing a double-breasted suit or sport coat would make them look shorter, actually here are some tips.


Most “style gurus” tell shorter men to stay away from DB suits, lest you end up looking shorter and fatter than you really are.

There is some truth to this. If you wear a double-breasted suit that doesn’t fit well, it’s going to make you look really bad.

But the thing is, any suit that doesn’t fit well is going to look bad, even if it’s a plain old single-breasted suit.


Short men can rock DB suits like the best of them, but they have to follow three guidelines:

Your suit has to fit impeccably well
Keep the jacket cropped extra short
Go with four buttons (not six buttons)


Here’s the thing: double-breasted suits aren’t as versatile or common as single-breasted suits, so you should only buy one if you already have your basic suit collection in place.

If you’ve got the staples (one navy and one grey single-breasted suit, at a minimum), feel free to expand your collection by adding a DB suit to the mix.

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