What your tie knot says about you

Which work tie knot you wear has likely never crossed your mind — when and if you think about a men tie in any way, it tends to be a deliberation within texture, pattern and its color. In fact, your tie knot of selection might have been part of life knowledge handed down to you by your dad, if you are a millennial or a friend on YouTube. And when a person learns a knot they are unlikely to change. Job done.

However, the reality is the knot can show a lot about a person’s character. Disclaimer: the reader accepts full responsibility for the home truths their knot’s nuances could provide.


Whether this knot were a java, it could be an espresso strong, quick and classic. Wearing the four-in-hand means you’re well, career-driven and ambitious, busy. Your attention span is most comfortable watching a movie in your tablet, flitting between writing a report on your laptop and responding to messages on your smar tphone. During the rare moments you’ve logged off, you shine in social situations they could be a media opportunity.

Choosing a balanced triangle to wear around your neck is emblematic of how you handle each part of your life. You exude confidence and do not shy away from hard-work. As a leader, you thrive on helping others to achieve the goals of your team. At precisely the same time, you value your personal space and do not hesitate when it comes to loving your recreational pursuits.


Less formal than the Windsor, this knot does not mean that you are not any assertive — it just shows you have a cheeky side which you wield as your magnetic weapon. Whether you are trying to win a client within a tough negotiation or having a playful discussion with friends in your local (the kind often solved by a fast Google), you have a knack in constantly steering the outcome in your favour.

Eldredge Knot

You love choosing this complicated knot is one of the means by which you make sure the spotlight remains on you and being the centre of attention. And if for any reason the infrequent Eldredge knot suddenly became commonplace, you would be the first to change yours to something much more theatrical (the Merovingian or Trinity knot, perhaps?) . Shunning the mundane to the magnificent, you are an expert showman — when it comes to entertaining guests , no flourish is fantastic.


Bow Tie

Like the Eldredge person, you refuse to blend in; however, unlike the aforementioned, your aim isn’t to draw a bunch. In effect, you may be quite shy. Regardless of this, you have a glass-full outlook of life, a energy and a thirst for experience — feelings that you decide to express through your love of fashion instead of having a personality that is booming.

What knot do you use? Now you know what things to know about your mind, you might feel motivated to switch your tie’s contour up

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