What to Wear on a Work Night Out

Summer is in session and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt through being a fan of almost solely monochrome colours (admittedly mostly black), it’s that palewave pastel colours are essential if you plan on keeping cool without needing to go shirtless.

The only time you can really get away with wearing pink (although no one will say so), pastel salmon shirts are a great option in the sunshine. Whether it’s shorts, chinos, button ups or plain t shirts, pastel pink is a playful colour which is also practical, the light tone aiding in keeping you cool. Pastel pink should be worn with other light, easy-on-the-eye colours, as if worn with darker shades, then the contrast between the two will be too noticeable.

Ralph Lauren Oxford Knit Shirt Pink | Hugo Boss Green C Firenze Polo T Shirt Pink

Second on the list, pastel shades of blue are a brilliant choice for this time of year. Whether it’s turquoise, cyan or washed shades of baby blue, each hold their own merit when it comes to summer wear. Easy on the eyes and equally easy to style, pastel blues are quite popular and it’s no surprise why. They also have the perk of being slightly more versatile than pinks, as blue can go with almost anything. When choosing what to accompany your pastel clothing with, remember that the darker the colour, the more the heat will be absorbed by your clothing.

Ralph Lauren Oxford Knit Shirt Blue | Ralph Lauren Striped Pocket T Shirt Blue

Similar to blues, pastel greens add a more classic colour to your wardrobe. Think mint and you’ll understand why these tones add a freshness to your fashion that other colours just can’t match. Although not as widely worn as your blues and pinks, green shades still add that unique flair to your clothes that other more common colours don’t provide, all without looking out of place and still maintaining a casual air.

Lacoste Two Tone Polo T Shirt Green | Grant Oxford Pique Rugger Polo T Shirt Green

Almost every colour is available in pastel shades and it’s these tones that very much set the trend for summer wear. Be sure to mix and match, bearing in mind that the darker the colour the warmer you’re going to be. Do bare in mind that almost all pastel coloured clothing can be paired together, so if you find yourself stuck with what to wear with your salmon shirt, mint chinos or turquoise shorts, any accompanying pastel colours will not steer you wrong.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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