Actually What Is Going On With Tim Kaine’s DNC Shirt-and-Tie Combo?

That bizarre shirt-and-tie combination. Tim Kaine just wrapped his speech at the DNC, and though I was trying my best to pay attention to his actual talking points and his not-at-all-accurate-but-pretty-damn-entertaining Donald Trump impression, I kept getting distracted. Why?

It’s not that either of the two are bad. It’s just that, unlike Trump and Pence’s frighteningly penetrative “T” and “P,” they don’t belong together.

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Take a look at the light blue stripes on the tie. See how they’re almost exactly the same shade as the shirt? See how it seems like the tie itself stops for a moment, only to resume again and hover in midair? It’s…disquieting. Like watching someone wearing a green shirt while standing in front of a green screen.

Matching your clothes and accessories can be tricky, but here’s a tip: If your shirt and tie are so close in color that they literally disappear into one another, you’ve gone too far.

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Good speech, though. (I think.)

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