How to wear a gardigan for men

How to wear a gardigan for men

cardigans still scare many men. So we’ve compiled some 21st-century styling moves that will help you avoid giving off granddad vibes. Like, say, taking the empty Werther’s Originals wrappers out of your pockets.

Retire Your Formal Shirts

Cardigans can be worn smart-casually and even smartly, as pointed out by every derivative style guide ever. But these are also the kind of things that more mature men with grown-up jobs – or who are retired – have to think about.

The exchange of a pretty button for a more casual T-shirt moment feel younger. Ensure that the neckline is sweet and low, so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a sweatshirt pneumonia virus. A longer hem at the same time also can let you into some reverse layered, or add a Raffish long heart.

Ironically, given the name, a granddad shirt – AKA a collarless or, also ironically, band-collar shirt – is another very current alternative that can skew on point and less OAP.

2016 fashion Cardigan

Get Some Spring In Your Step

If you’re going granddad up top, then it’s not a bad idea to go badass down below. Think jeans (maybe even ripped or moto), slimline cargo trousers, tapered joggers, or even chinos in a shade of khaki that’s closer to military green than old people’s home beige.

To keep slim and/or reducing, this, in turn, keep your integrity in the modern and exit the territory. Once again, we’re not saying you can’t discount. As long as if you’re afraid of like an old man, to anything that can be interpreted as “loose” trousers wide berth.

2016 fashion Cardigan

Be Early For Your Own Funeral

We have talked about the above, but will the original copy of caramel is not the only grandpa. Earth tones on the runway could be big in autumn/winter 2016, but they are also a key person, in the fall and winter.

That’s not to say you can’t ever rock a beige or brown cardi – just that you’re veering nearer to geezer. So you might want to make the rest of your outfit a bit more rock ’n’ roll to compensate.

There’s a reason why black is a unified musician, fashion industry type and street hunters hunting: it increases the edge of the instant, sharpening the camel wool sweater, because it is a same old coat. Or any other shadows.

Kick The Proper Shoe Bucket

Kick The Proper Shoe Bucket

Goodyear-welted brogues are an eminently sensible choice of footwear for any gent. Which is why, when paired with a cardigan, they can imply the kind of age that comes with wisdom.

By using a pair of cowboy boots to strengthen the robustness, avoid the connotation of any old code. Or get down with the kids in some trainers: the more avant-garde, the less granddad. Just avoid anything too orthopaedic-looking. And maybe velcro.

If trainers or shit-kickers are too casual for your needs, try some sleek Chelsea boots. Worn by everyone from the Beatles to Kanye West, they’re smart while still hitting a rebellious note.

Put A Young Head On Old Shoulders

Put A Young Head On Old Shoulders

A big part of how your cardigan skews can be dictated by the little styling touches. Like, say, leaving the bottom button undone because you’re not 70. Or pushing the sleeves up to show off your tattoos (or, at least, bracelets).

Have a bit of stubble clean shave hair more subversive or comprehensive department; The same long hair or tight faded, not conservative short back and sides. Or if your hair is gray, because you think Zayn Malik is cool, rather than because of the ravages of time.

Either way, you can always hide your silver fox – with a cap or movement of the baseball cap, rather than a fogeyish fedora hat or plain strange pilgrimage. Which we think are irredeemably stupid anyway. But maybe we’re getting too old for this shit.

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