Ways to Wear a Trench Coat

With the weather warming and the dark nights finally getting lighter, it’s officially not too early to start planning aspects of your summer wardrobe. Starting with the absolute basics, t-shirts are a necessity for summer style and here at Mainline, we don’t skimp on selection! Below are a few of our favourite summertime essentials that you can’t go wrong stocking up on.

Tanlines, good times and festival vibes, this Adidas Originals t-shirt is no stranger to summer fashion. A hugely popular brand for outdoor festivals under the sun, Adidas t shirts are a great option for all the more casual occasions.


Simple, straightforward and sweat-free, a clean white tee is sure to keep you cool and dry on those hot days. Another added benefit, white t-shirts go with quite literally anything, so there’s no danger of colour clashes!


Add a splash of colour to your summer with this simple white tee; all the benefits of the original white tee without the boredom! Again a very unlikely suspect for colour clashes, this t-shirt will go great with just about anything.


Plain and playful, if a plain white t-shirt isn’t your style then show the fun side of your personality with quirky graphic t-shirt. This hugo boss one is great – not quite as strange as a pug shirt, but enough character to not take away from the style.


If you’re looking to add some real character to your clothing, then this heavily patterned abstract t-shirt is a great choice. T-shirts like this will have you standing out for the right reasons.


Black may not be the best colour for keeping cool, but on those hot-but-not-unbearable days it’s a viable option, the benefits of which being that it’ll go with anything and everything. On top of that, sweat stains are sure to be a no-show!


If any of the above don’t suit your tastes, take a look at the huge variety available on the website and we can guarantee you’ll find something that takes your fancy.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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