The way of train your brain to be quicker, sharper, and smarter


Do you want to know if professional athletes train their brains faster, clearer, or even smarter? In the same way you train your biceps: Repeat, Jason Sada says Arizona Performing Company President Axon Exercise, the study of neuroscience and the links between sports science to improve cognitive training techniques.

“From the movement of your body to the decision you make is made by the brain,” Sada said. “Through cognitive training, we can help athletes handle more at execution at a higher level.”

Axon use immersive technology Baseline testing involves dark rooms, colorful lighting to improve decision accuracy, and speed. It deals with the delivery of a variety of pitchers with top-of-the-line hitter handling, and basketball stars (Sada meets Mark Cuban, now an Axal Investor, the Dallas Mavericks, the company’s first NBA customer) to carry out attacks defense.

Athletes’ mobile devices even load simulation tasks, so they can practice. So you are not a professional baller-you can still get the benefits of thinking training.

“For any athlete in training Sa’ada,” there is a lot of load taking place in the brain. We have the tools and the capabilities to help manage these loads and help them deal with them while continuing to make very high-speed decisions that ultimately help you perform better. “

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