Trunk Club Competitors: Stitch Fix, Bombfell Alternatives

Life in the 21st century is full of exciting conveniences and subscription-based shopping services are among them. After you sign up for these services, you can look forward to a special treat arriving at your front door every so often, typically once a month. It will be a package brimming with fashionable clothes, top-notch grooming products or other unique lifestyle items. In many cases, each of those boxes has a creative theme to tie all of the goodies together.

Your subscription service might personalize some of your offerings as well and you rarely have to keep anything you don’t want or can’t use.

Trunk Club is probably the best known of these services. Even so, a number of Trunk Club competitors are emerging and many of them are changing the name of the game.

Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix is a subscription service that customizes its merchandise. Similar to Trunk Club, it employs stylists who are fashion authorities. In both cases, stylists are careful about matching items to their clients’ specific needs and desires.

The Stitch Fix experience begins when you complete an extensive internet profile. You’re then assigned a stylist: the person who’ll choose your products according to the information you’ve provided. If you decide to stick with the same stylist over time, the two of you can get acquainted with each other. You can communicate online and he or she will eventually have a thorough knowledge of your preferences.

After you receive a Stitch Fix box, you can hold onto whichever items you want. Within a window of three days, you can also return anything you don’t want to keep. Each box comes with a helpful set of ideas that detail how to wear or use its contents.

Personal touches have been important to Stitch Fix since its inception. Harvard Business School student, Katrina Lake, launched the company in 2011 by putting together boxes in her apartment herself and mailing them to her initial customers. The company was geared toward women until 2016 when Stitch Fix Men premiered.


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SprezzaBox makes its home in one of the world’s undisputed fashion capitals: New York City. It’s notable for its moderate prices and for the stylishness of the products that they supply.

The system is simple. You can either become a member or choose to get billed every time a box comes to your door. Each month, you’ll receive five or six different accessories, like pocket squares and neckties, all of which should enhance your outfits and add some flair.

SprezzaBox prides itself on choosing brands that are fashion powerhouses. Being a member is a great way to collect clothing that’s in demand without having to stay on top of the quickly changing trends of the moment.

Each SprezzaBox parcel costs $28 ― and the price is even lower for members. The total value of a box can significantly exceed $100, so it’s a hard deal to pass up. By contrast, Trunk Club charges a $25 styling fee for each of its boxes. It’s credited toward the cost of the clothing, but you still must pay separately for each item that you keep.

Bespoke Post

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Bespoke Post will send you more than just clothing and accessories. Its products fall into a variety of categories, including glassware, grooming supplies and camping necessities.

Bespoke Post differs from many Trunk Club competitors because it won’t send you a box of surprises each month. Rather, when a new month starts, you’ll get an email that lists the boxes and products that are available. All you have to do is click the name of the box that entices you the most. Trunk Club employs a similar procedure, emailing members a list of products for their approval. Both companies send only the merchandise their customers choose.

When you select a Bespoke Post box, it gets shipped out on the 15th of the month. At this time, each Bespoke Post package costs $45 for members and $55 for non-members.

This company frequently delivers small-batch products to its clients. Small-batch items are those that come from small companies. Many of those brands are dedicated to excellence and they’re often more creative than their large mainstream counterparts. Bespoke Post buys these products in bulk, so it’s eligible for steep discounts. The company can then pass those savings onto you.

To get started with Bespoke Post, just fill out your digital profile. Once you do, you’ll receive your first box shortly, even if it’s not the beginning of the month.

Frank + Oak Elevate

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Frank + Oak Elevate, formerly Frank + Oak Hunt Club, is free to join. Once you join, you’ll receive “style recommendations” during the first week of the month. You can choose two of those suggested products, all of which come from Frank + Oak’s distinguished line of menswear, or you can pick from the regular catalog. Whichever two items you choose will be delivered to your home and will cost $89. Like Trunk Club, this program lets you keep the pieces that you like and return the rest without having to pay for shipping.

The Bottom Line

The best way to locate the subscription service that’s just right for you is to sign up with several of them, perhaps one or two at a time. Maybe Trunk Club will turn out to be your ideal box provider, or maybe one of these Trunk Club competitors offers a program that you’ll find particularly alluring.

Once you’ve discovered a service that really works well for you, you’ll have a sweet haul to anticipate each month. Even better, you can impress everyone you know with your stylish, cutting-edge tastes. No doubt, you’ll be hearing words like these on a regular basis from friends and family members: “I love that! Where did you find that?”

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