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It provides authentic motorcycling clothing, including being responsible for the original biking jacket.

Both Barbour International and Triumph have been leading pioneers in the motorcycling world for many years. Triumph motorcycles was established in 1902, and since then has manufactured thousands of bikes, all over the world. Barbour International launched as a sub-brand of Barbour, in 1936.

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Triumph Motorcycles

What started as a small motorcycle business in Coventry, has grown over more than 100 years to be one of the biggest motorcycle companies worldwide. Their first bike, known as No.1 was powered by a small 2.2hp engine, however still made headway as the first of its time.

As the company grew, they were always at the forefront of motorcycle history. They were responsible for the first twin cylinder engine, and during World War II had a strong link with the British military. The company continued to gather fame by being featured in films, including ‘The Wild One’ and ‘The Great Escape’.

Now, Triumph produces thousands of bikes each year, and has expanded to countries like the US, India and Brazil.

Barbour International

Barbour International is a leading provider of motorcycle clothing all over the world. Working on the backbone of the famous Barbour brand, all their clothing is made with the highest quality materials, for motorcycling enthusiasts.

Their brand is inspired by pure masculine style and aims to provide fashion for the rugged, on-the-go man. When joining up with Triumph they took the inspiration for the clothing line from the iconic Bonneville bike – one of Triumph’s most famous products.

They seek to combine both comfort and practicality, with the demanding needs a true biker has. Therefore, their clothing is especially designed to withstand the wear and tear of the open roads.

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Both Triumph motorcycles and Barbour International have collaborated with motorcycling legends like Steve McQueen, Evel Knieval and Marlon Brando.

The two brands first came together in 2015 to launch the Triumph Autumn Winter collection. Following the huge success of this, they have launched the Spring Summer 2016 collection. Clothing in this range includes motorcycle jackets, jumpers and t-shirts.

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