With the summer approaching it’s time for you to spice up your style. We are going to give you the Mainline approach to styling your colours this summer.

So it’s that time of the year again; the sun is out and you want to show off your style to rest of world. It’s important to change your style to suit the weather, so ditch the dark winter colours, brighten your style and stand out in the summer scenery. We’re going to let you know which colours to wear and which to avoid as well as how to balance your style.

When dressing for the warm weather, one thing you want to avoid is darker shades for two reasons. Firstly, darker shades in the summer don’t really stand out. This is because they absorb the light, look dull and do not express your style. Also, darker shades absorb the heat, so if you don’t want your t-shirt to cause you discomfort with heaps of sweat, be sure to stay away from darker shades.

Upper Body

T-Shirts (solid colours – red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white)

Polo Shirts (solid colours – red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white)

Short-Sleeve Shirts (pale colours – light blue, light pink, beige, white)

Vests (solid colours – red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white)

With a range of t-shirts, vests and polo tops available, you are spoilt for choice in regards to colours. Reds, blues, greens and white are an ideal choice if you are looking to add a bit more light to your style without going over the top. However, if you really want to stand out in the summer sun, brighter colours such as pinks and yellows will be perfect for letting everyone know you’re confident about your style.

When it comes to wearing short-sleeve button ups, pale shades are the best option as it adds a classier look to your style. Furthermore, lurid colours tend to ruin the casual ambience of summer fits. So when choosing what colours to wear, your best options include light blues, beiges, white and light pinks.

Lower Body

Shorts (any colour ranging from pales to solids) 

When choosing to wear shorts, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of colours and designs available. You can wear denim shorts which are perfect if you’re after a classic look, but when choosing other colours of denim it’s best to stick to a traditional blue or even opt for grey.

If you want an equally classic look but don’t like denim, then go for chino shorts which are best in pale colours such as blues or beige. However if you want a brighter look then you can opt for board shorts which look great in any colour. Ranging from a calm pale blue to and extremely bright salmon pink, no shade will look out of place with casual board shorts.          

Jeans (traditional denim colours – blue, grey)

When it comes to jeans, you’re best sticking to your traditional blue. This can be any shade from a light blue to a darker shade. These colours are the better option because blue is great for summer and compliments the rest of your style, especially when worn with a light coloured t-shirt.

Stay away from black jeans as it doesn’t really suit the summer mood and looks dull. Grey could be an option, but is limited in that it only looks good when coupled with white t-shirt.

Chinos (pale colours, beige)

Chinos are another trouser option if you don’t want to wear jeans. Chinos come in a variety of colours, however due to the length, bright colours don’t really look too great. Your best option when it comes to wearing chinos is to go for a classic beige look as it isn’t too over top, but at the same time adds a lot of light to your look to match the summer sun.

When it comes to summertime, you now know how to style yourself and choose the right colours to wear in any given summer scene. Stay away from black as it’s a dull colour and offers no excitement to the eye. Bright colours are the best if you want to stand out in the sun, but if you want a more subtle style, you can always remain bright with paler, white washed colours.

Written by Liam McDonald

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