Top Men’s Fashion Tumblr Blogs to Follow in 2017

Most guys, even those who want to look good, don’t keep up with men’s fashion the same way that a lot of women do. While men’s fashion tends to be a little more timeless and a great custom suit is always in style, trends do change dramatically between seasons. What was popular last fall or winter may not be quite as in this year. That’s why it’s important for the average man who wants to look his best to stay up on what’s going on in the world of men’s fashion.

In recent years, the microblogging site Tumblr has grown tremendously, and while it was first marketed mostly to teens and those in their early 20’s, it’s now a major phenomenon, especially with individuals in the fashion world. If you’re not using it yet, creating an account can help you keep up on what’s current in fashion without spending a ton of time each day reading through various blogs and flipping the pages of magazines.

Use this guide to help you find the best men’s fashion Tumblr accounts for 2016. As you keep checking back, you’ll discover other men’s fashion Tumblr accounts that fit your personal taste, but these well-curated Tumblr’s are a great place to start for most men.

A Collected Gentleman

A Collected Gentleman is a men’s fashion Tumblr account that deals primarily with how to improve your overall look without breaking the bank. In fact, it’s owner and operator, Isaiah Johnson, rarely includes pieces in his Tumblr blog that cost more than $150. You’ll even see whole outfits that don’t break that baseline mark – including the shoes.

A Collected Gentleman also offers real-world fashion advice for the average guy that’s not interested in runway shows, but it is interested in putting together a great wardrobe from retail sources.

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I Am Oliver James

It might not be the catchiest name for a Tumblr blog, or even one that tells you what’s going on inside its pages, but I Am Oliver James is one of the best men’s fashion Tumblr sites on the web because it is so well curated.

While I Am Oliver James focuses primarily on suits, you’ll also find plenty of casual wear. It also seems that James has a flair for navy blue, as the color makes an appearance in many of the photos that he posts.

Coffee and the Newspaper

Coffee and the Newspaper isn’t exactly your typical men’s fashion Tumblr because it splits its time between posts about exciting and stylish clothes and incredibly delicious food. But as long as none of the food ends up on the clothes, that shouldn’t really be a problem, right?

On the fashion spectrum, Coffee and the Newspaper is pretty eclectic, posting everything from high-quality denim and super-cool sneakers to short-run items that are pretty much only for the extremely fashionable.

If you like your fashion with a side of some of the best food photography on the internet, pull up a chair at the table and check out Coffee and the Newspaper as soon as possible.

Men of Habit

Men of Habit is all about men’s fashion, making it one of the must-read Tumblr accounts for guys that love clothes. In fact, they almost never post anything but pictures of guys in incredibly well-styled outfits or exciting and trendy clothes in a store window, on a mannequin or just neatly folded.

Men of Habit posts regularly and the clothes that they post range from Italian suits to more urban pieces like those by Opening Ceremony or Adamo. It’s not just for the fashion elite, but effectively inspires all men to dress better, making Men of Habit one of the best men’s fashion Tumblr accounts that every single guy should follow.

You Might Find Yourself

You Might Find Yourself isn’t your typical men’s fashion Tumblr, though it does deal with men’s fashion on a basic level. If you’re the type of guy that stalks the runway shows on the web and can’t wait to check out new collections by high-profile designers, You Might Find Yourself is one of the best men’s fashion Tumblr accounts in existence.

Even if you don’t want to dress like you just stepped off the runway in Milan, you can still find some pretty eye-catching stuff that can help you beef up your look and take your style to a whole new level.

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Mr. Speakeasy

Mr. Speakeasy is a men’s fashion Tumblr that focuses almost exclusively on what’s going on in the fascinating world of vintage fashion. After all, many guys love a throwback sort of look, and it’s very popular in the fashion world today, with suits looking almost the same as they did in 1960.

Even though Venture and Virtue might be looking back toward the past, they do post pictures of products and clothes that guys can actually buy today, even if you can’t afford that $4,200 vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit straight from the shop in Paris.

Do yourself a favor and start following Mr. Speakeasy if you want to add a bit of classic vintage style to your wardrobe, even if that just means a great suit and tie.

Stay Classic

Another blog that focuses primarily on classic fashion with a touch of vintage style, Stay Classic is a site that every man should be reading if he wants to look good while still being comfortable. It’s also an excellent resource for the man who never knows what he’s going to be doing day to day and needs to be dressed for all sorts of situations.

From a rugged American vibe to some pretty excellent suits with a vintage twist, Stay Classic is a must-follow for men that want to keep their wardrobe simple but still wildly stylish.

This Fits

This Fits is a men’s fashion Tumblr that shows guys all sorts of products from selvage denim to designer shoes, providing one man’s review on every single product. What’s most amazing about This Fits isn’t the products – it’s the knowledge that its operator has about every single thing that he reviews.

Maybe he has some crazy connections or just spends a lot on clothes, but either way, you can reap the benefits and find some wonderful stuff to buy that fits your style. This Fits covers so many styles that most men will get something out of the blog by checking it regularly, even if they have a particular sense of fashion.

Style Guy

Style Guy is one of the best out there, especially for men who just want to load up on pictures and use them to improve their own wardrobe. From casual looks that will help you pair the perfect white t-shirt with a killer vintage motorcycle jacket, to more refined images that deal with suits, blazers and knit sweaters, Style Guy is a must-follow.

No matter what style you like, Style Guy will help you improve your wardrobe and make you want to dress better. That’s something you can’t say about most of the men’s fashion Tumblr blogs out there.


The all-caps name aside, SUPERDANGER is actually a very refined men’s fashion blog. Most of the pictures included have a dark, earthy quality to them, lending what could otherwise be a less sophisticated blog a touch of distinction.

You’ll mostly find high-fashion items and suits on SUPERDANGER, but there are also plenty of features on new watches, sports cars and even rock and roll. Check SUPERDANGER out to see if their sensibility matches yours.

If it does, they might be one of the few blogs on this list that you follow and want to check regularly.

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Style Illustrated

Using excellent drawings of men wearing clothing that you should be jealous of, Style Illustrated gives us a new approach to the menswear blog. Showing everything from how to wear that winter parka with a suit for work, to how you can dress like a 1920’s bootlegger with style, Style Illustrated is a fun way to find out what you should be wearing.

One of the best things about Style Illustrated is that you won’t even mind checking the blog regularly to see what’s up in the fashion world. It will actually be a pleasure to stay on top of fashion trends even if you aren’t normally the type of guy that loves it.

Real Men Swear

While Real Men Swear might be a little too salty for some of you, the blog is one of the very few around that combine comedy with fashion. How does that work?

At Real Men Swear, you’ll find pictures of well-dressed men along with a few snarky comments. You’ll also find real-life photos where guys didn’t make the best fashion choices and a thought-bubble Joan Rivers tears them to pieces. You’ll be learning about style without even knowing it.

Transcendental Life

Transcendental Life might be run by an actual store that you can visit in person, but you don’t have to be in New Hampshire to enjoy the styles they post. While you won’t find things that are exclusively fashion – there are lots of pictures of guys on boats and nature landscapes – you will find some very earthy fashions you might love.

Follow this blog if your style is more Redwing boots and denim than it is blazers and slacks. You’ll love the pictures and the inspiration might be enough for you to put that job on hold and finally strike out into the woods like you’ve always wanted.

Or maybe you’ll just look better and use the blog to focus in on the things that really matter. Your call.

Christian Kimber

The only designer on this list, Christian Kimber seems to deserve a place here because of the brands strong social media presence. While you’re certainly going to find models dressed in Christian Kimber shoes, you’ll also be able to pick up on some other things the designer thinks are particularly stylish right now.

That’s a good thing whether you’re looking for new shoes or a pair of jeans. While the style is generally pretty casual, most guys will be able to find something they like here. You might even wind up with a pair of Christian Kimber shoes, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to happen to you.

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Die, Workwear!

The name Die, Workwear might be pretty dramatic, but it should give you some indication of where this blog is going to take you. If you’re sick of putting on the same old boring stuff for work each day, this is a fashion blog you need to be following.

Die, Workwear! Features everything from men’s bags that are perfect for work, to new styles and patterns of blazers that you might never have thought to put on yourself. Follow this blog and you’ll find yourself looking better at the office in just a few weeks.

You might even be able to use some of the practical advice on the site to wear the things you already have with a little bit more style.

The Italian Cut

The curator of The Italian Cut believes that Italian design is the world’s best whether you’re talking about fashion or architecture. Obviously, many people would find fault with that notion.
However, no matter where your favorite designers hail from, there’s little debating that the menswear this blog presents is extraordinary. You may find yourself wanting to purchase something every time you soak in its vivid colors and vibrant styles.

Grimod de la Reyniere

Writer and editor Herbert Stricker began having his clothes tailored when he was a young boy. That’s not because he had discriminating tastes as a lad. It’s because he was so tall. As an adult, his height nearly measures seven feet.

Today, Stricker is known for seeking the finest of just about everything, from travel destinations to cars to cigars. And, by displaying his favorite clothes on his blog, Stricker invites you to join him in enjoying the pleasures of high fashion.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the name, Alexandre-Laurent Grimod de la Reyniere was a French socialite who lived during the 1700s and 1800s. He was famous for his irrepressible appetite for the exquisite things in life.

Broke and Bespoke

Do you crave excellent clothing? Do you usually lack the funds for it? If so, the ingenious Broke and Bespoke Tumblr page will give you many creative fashion ideas that are as affordable as they are stunning. Most of the images there are original, and this blog will tell you where you can pick up each part of each outfit. Your savings account will thank you.

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#SkinnyWasHere is the Tumblr page of the Brooklyn photographer Karston Tannis, and it displays a series of remarkable portraits. Tannis, who taught himself the complex art of photography, travels the world for these unique shots. He’s become something of an internet sensation in recent months, attracting the attention of global brands such as Gap, Nike and Reebok, all of whom have hired him.

The people Tannis spotlights seem to have two main things in common: a sharp, distinctive sense of style and an electric personality that just leaps off the screen.

Your Dapper Senpai

Eric Chang is a promising, up-and-coming blogger. Currently a University of West Florida senior who majors in International Studies, Chang once lived in Italy and has a Chinese and Irish heritage.

For its part, Your Dapper Senpai ― “senpai” means “upperclassman” in Japanese ― boasts bold images of faces, bodies, clothes, cars, flowers, shoes and tattoos. Overall, it’s quite impressive.

Impeccably Dressed 365

According to its mission statement, Impeccably Dressed 365 is dedicated to a “young black man’s idea” of fashion. What’s more, its outfits are intended to delight women, a worthy goal for sure.

Impeccably Dressed is certainly successful in its execution. The clothes and accessories that it shows are smashing, whether they’re being worn by other fashion bloggers or by icons like Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Nordic Fit

When you think of the world’s fashion powerhouses, London, Paris and New York City might instantly spring to mind. However, the Scandinavian countries are often overlooked in this area. That’s a wrong that The Nordic Fit seeks to right.

Since 2012, the young international management consultant and sports enthusiast Juho Rehakka has run this blog. It lets visitors luxuriate in the stellar clothing designs that Scandinavia has given us, with a particular focus on the classic fashion of Finland. In addition, The Nordic Fit loves to celebrate natty business attire.

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I Need More Ties

Do you need more neckties? Boy, do we have the place for you! I Need More Ties exhibits a wide range of neckwear as well as some pictures of guys who lack ties yet still manage to look stylish.

If you already own too many ties, though, you might want to avoid this Tumblr page. Otherwise, your tie supply could start to grow uncontrollably. Once you start buying chic ties, it can be really hard to stop.

Chubby Guy Swag

The name of this blog pretty much says it all. Zacheser, a Washington D.C.-based music producer, DJ and self-described “cheeseburger enthusiast,” created the Chubby Guy Swag brand in 2010. Its Tumblr page reminds larger guys that they, too, have an exciting place in the realm of fashion.

One of this blog’s most important goals is to help young men of all sizes feel good about themselves and their bodies. As a bonus, the clothes it features are truly elegant and desirable.

Simple Guy Style

The word “basic” gets a bad rap these days. Sometimes, a straightforward look can be among the most attractive and refined.

Alan, who hails from Mexico and is in his twenties, is a blogger who created Simple Guy Style for a simple reason. He considers himself to be a fellow with simple tastes. And, he realized, plenty of other men must be looking for wardrobe ideas that reflect their unshowy sartorial preferences.

Thus, on Alan’s Tumblr page, you’ll find photos that are related to architecture, interior design, travel and fashion ― and all of them are refreshingly and gloriously simple.

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