Enjoy Top 5 Summer Ties to Wear This Season

The answer is pretty simple. You’ve probably got basic versions that are excellent for some occasions, but don’t really stand out from the crowd in the summer months. If you want to look like a fashion pro, or you just want to look put-together 100% of the time, you need a seasonal wardrobe ideal for the warm weather months.

If you’re a guy that wears a suit to work almost every day, there’s a good chance you have a pretty big collection of ties. So why would you want to go to the store and spend some more of your money on fashion accessories?

You might not think ties are seasonal, but there are some ties that really shine in the warmer months. Use this guide to learn all about summer ties, as well as which ones are a must in your spring and summer wardrobe.


Cotton is the ultimate summer material, and every guy who has ever been outside in the hot sun knows what a blessing it is to have a cotton suit. But a cotton tie? We can almost hear men out there complaining about how unstructured these ties look and how wrinkled they get when you toss them in a drawer.

Besides having to hang your ties to keep them from being a mass of wrinkles, cotton gives you some interesting texture for the summer without creating a pool of sweat inside the collar of your shirt. While it might seem like cotton overkill, cotton summer ties are pretty much made for those unstructured cotton summer suits.

Of course, you can also wear cotton with other suit materials, including linen and tropical wool. We think solid-colored summer ties are great in cotton, but don’t be afraid of a little bit of pattern either.

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If cotton is the ultimate summer material for comfort, linen is the summer material that was designed for men’s suits. Men that don’t own a linen suit – go out and get one now. You won’t look like a character in Miami Vice – you’ll look like the best-dressed guy anywhere you go this summer season.

Linen ties are also the ideal summer ties because they breathe and provide visual interest to a likely lighter looking summer wardrobe. You can pair your linen ties with a linen suit, but they work just as well with cotton, silk and tropical wool.

You might be hard-pressed to find a linen tie in anything but a solid color, but even those should give your wardrobe a pretty strong boost in the right direction. Pull out that silk pocket square for a bit of extra color and you’ll be one dapper dude.

Best of all, the linen tie is appropriate for work and play, so it’s a real summer staple for men that wear them basically around the clock.

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Silk is one of the most common tie materials on the planet, and you won’t find any shortage of them at your average menswear store or department store. That doesn’t mean they aren’t the perfect summer ties too.

In fact, silk ties really are the four-season tie that any man can wear all the time. If you’re a young guy just now trying to put together a professional wardrobe, a handful of silk ties is a pretty smart place to start.

For the summer months, invest in some bright colors that give your outfit a little levity, especially if you’ve got a closet full of basic suits, like high blue, navy, charcoal and black. Silk may not breathe quite as well as cotton and linen, so you might want to reserve it for those days when the mercury isn’t threatening to hit 100 or you won’t be outside too much.

Another thing to consider with silk is that it stains and shows those stains relatively easily. If you work somewhere that could get messy, you might want to reserve those silk ties for summer parties and date night.

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Knit Silk

Knit silk looks a bit like a heavyweight material at first glance, but it’s open-weave fabrication actually means that it breathes quite well. While these ties do add a bit of visual weight to your look, they’re also quite unique in that they have a skinny width and a square bottom, giving them a retro look.

One of the best ways to wear knit silk ties is to go with a dark color and a lighter summer suit. That’s a great way to add some sophistication to a fun linen or seersucker suit for an event where you might otherwise feel a bit underdressed.

Unfortunately for many men, tracking down a quality knit silk tie could be difficult since they seem to be something of a relic. If you find one on the internet or in your favorite shop, don’t be afraid to grab it and add it to your wardrobe.

We’re hoping that more tie makers will back this up and coming trend and there will be a revival of the knit silk tie. After all, it’s a great summer tie to own.

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Raw Silk

Raw silk is a tie material that you don’t see that often because it comes in a loose weave with piling that is obvious to the naked eye. While some men think this look is messy, the raw silk tie is truly both sophisticated and cool enough to be one of the ultimate summer ties.

One warning when it comes to raw silk ties though. They’re not going to be too durable, so you can’t use these as a go-to for your summer wardrobe. They also take on stains and show them off easily, so they might not be the best choice for a summer barbecue.

Reserve your raw silk ties for work when you really need to stand out, or for the times when you’re going out on the town and want to really look like a million bucks.

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Consider Summer Patterns

When it comes to summer ties, you’re probably thinking mostly about color and texture. There’s nothing wrong with some unique textures and summer colors, and they can definitely improve your look in a season when many men just go without a tie altogether. However, there are some patterns you should consider and some you should avoid when it comes to summer ties.

Among the top patterns are more abstract and paisley prints in bright colors, and even less defined stripes. These stripes work particularly well with knit cotton and cotton ties since the lines have a tendency to bleed into each other in a casual, off-the-cuff sort of way.

Plaids and checkered ties can also work well as long as you keep the colors appropriately bright. That blue and green flannel might look excellent in winter, but in the summer months, it should be relegated to your closet.

Some patterns like herringbone, hounds tooth and heavy, dark stripes are best avoided in summer ties. They’re just too intrusive for the summer season, which really is all about going with the flow, so to speak.

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