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Take a look at the top Wardrobe of Weather.

Color Trends

When it comes to the best made to measure suits for spring, you can almost always fall back on classic warm weather colors like cream and khaki. These won’t ever really go out of style, and if you’re building a wardrobe for the future, you can’t go wrong with these basic colors.

There are some unique colors for spring that men should keep an eye out for in order to find the best made to measure suit, however. Get ahead of the crowd and look like a trendsetter instead of a fashion follower.

Take Your Pick

High blue is one of the most popular colors for men’s suits of the past five years and that trend doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. When picking a high blue suit, opt for something that’s bright and beautiful in a material like tropical wool. These suits tend to look best when structured, so skip the unlined cotton versions when wearing this color.

Red and mauve tones are also going to be big hits for the 2017 spring season for men. While they might seem like bold colors that you may not be able to pull off, the fact is that there are a lot of variations in these two colors.

When shopping for reds, try to find a tone that’s right for your skin. Brighter reds are often better than dark brick red for spring and summer. When possible, find less structured suits to convey a more casual look.

Mauve suits are going to take on a more pastel look this season, but instead of thinking of Miami Vice, try to think of something a bit more sophisticated. Look for mauve suits that have a fair amount of gray in them, as well as one that look more like earth tones than those candy-coated almonds you see in the spring.

Mauve suits can look good in structured or unstructured varieties. Look for linen or a blend of comfortable materials depending on how you’ll wear the suit and what you already have in your wardrobe.

Hickey Freeman

Finding the best made to measure suit for spring is about more than just picking the right colors and getting a fit that works for you. You also need to consider brands when you’re doing your shopping.

Hickey Freeman is a brand that many men already know as a suit maker with an eye on classic, iconic American fashion, often with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for a suit in linen or that elusive seersucker, Hickey Freeman is also a good place to start.

From brightly colored suits like those high blue, red and mauve suits, to basics like cream or a light cream and blue or red stripe, you can’t do much better than Hickey Freeman. Their well-made suits won’t break the bank for most guys either.

Hugo Boss is a name that everybody knows in the world of men’s fashion. They’ve been around a long time and they’ve been making great suits since before your father could walk and talk.

For men looking to buy one of the best made to measure suit brands out there, it’s hard to beat Hugo Boss simply because of the selection they have available. From ultra-modern suits to those that are more traditional, you can find any cut and fit that you’re looking for.

The brand also has a huge number of colors, fabrics and materials to work with. Whatever you have your eye on for the upcoming spring season, Hugo Boss is a wise choice if you want a suit that’s going to last.


Men that want a suit that will stand the test of time – even if they have to pay a little more for that suit – should look to Brioni. If you know the name, you’ve probably heard that multiple James Bond actors have worn the iconic brand on the big screen. You too can be the proud owner of one of the world’s best made to measure suit brands.

When shopping Brioni, make sure you pay careful attention to fabric selection. The brand offers many high-quality fabrics, but how you wear the suit will play a major role in what you pick. For men that need a suit they’ll wear regularly, going for that ultra-premium but hard-to-care-for material may not be the best choice.

Work with your tailor to find something that works with your needs and how the suit will get worn. Lucky for you Brioni has so many colors and patterns available that there’s something for every guy, from the classically cool dresser to the man out on the sartorial edge.

Customize Your Suit

When you purchase a suit right off the rack, customization requires going to a tailor who will likely charge you a lot for changes. Even things like pleats become very difficult and expensive in many cases. By purchasing from one of the best made to measure suit brands, you’ll get more customization options than buying off the rack.

Most made to measure suit makers will always allow you to choose your pocket style, the number of buttons on your jacket, vent options, pant pleats or flat-front pants, button stance, lapel width, jacket lining and gorge height. Designed to be an efficient process, made to measure suit makers likely won’t offer anything particularly unique, so if you have to explain what you want in great detail, bespoke is likely a better option for you.

Of course, if you aren’t sure exactly what you want and customizing your suit sounds a bit unpleasant or tedious, you can always work with your tailor for more standard options. You can even wear or bring in a suit that you have and love to demonstrate some of the details that make it ideal for you.

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