This year’s popular is “slag girl skirt”, sexy fashion is really beautiful

Skirts are one of the most common items worn by women. Different styles of skirts have different effects on styling and temperament. “Umbrella skirt” is the most common skirt. The skirt flares like an umbrella. Umbrella skirts generally give people a gentle and elegant atmosphere, but don’t wear “umbrella skirt” this year. “Umbrella skirt” is simple but It is too common. This year the popular “slag girl skirt”, also known as “one-step skirt”, not only makes the temperament gentle and elegant, but also enhances the temperament and makes the wear more temperamental. So women who haven’t started skirts yet, please take a look at the “slag girl skirt”. “Umbrella skirt” is about to abdicate. This year’s popular “slag girl skirt” is sexy and fashionable.


Amanda Holden will wear it well, “One Step Skirt” with lavender coat, 49 years old is still wild. Amanda Holden is the heroine of “My Heart Is Wild”, and now the 49-year-old Amanda Holden wears a style that always maintains the “wild” atmosphere, the trendy bold and sexy, so middle-aged women It will be very attractive to wear, fresh and pleasant


Amanda Holden is wearing a lavender-colored trench coat. The lavender color is a touch of purple. The touch of purple shows a girl’s feelings. The effect of age reduction is very obvious, and it can bring people a fresh, romantic atmosphere. Can bring out the charm of purple, making Amanda Holden’s temperament become softer and more attractive

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