Fleet Foxes Frontman Robin Pecknold Sweater Just Found a New Home

Five years ago, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold was a man with a favorite sweater, now  meme has become a case of the feels.

See, back in the sweater’s heyday, a young Fleet Foxes fan created a Tumblr devoted to the be-chevroned piece of knitwear and called it fuckyeahrobinpecknoldssweater. Eventually Pecknold retreated from the public eye, and so too did the sweater. But then in a Reddit AMA a few months ago, he mentioned that he’d written to the founder of the site in an attempt to mail them the sweater, but never heard back.

He followed that up by posting a photo of the sweater on Instagram with the caption “hmu” (hit me up).

He wanted it delivered into the hands of the Fleet Foxes/woolen sweater fan, and said so in the comments, explaining, “excited to see the sweater in new #situations expanding its #horizons beyond being #cozy on my #folkback.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, as there is now photographic evidence of the sweater ensconsing its new owner.

The young Keeper of the Sweater included a caption in her post, which initially appeared (of course) on Tumblr: “lesson learned: make a meme out of a sweater when you’re in high school and 5 years later you might just receive it in the mail. thank you so much robin! i’m really at a loss here.”

Never stop believing in the power of knitwear.

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