This Profanity-Laden Anti-Paparazzi T-Shirt Is Pretty Fucking Direct

Say what you want about the trappings of fame and the question of choice when it comes to that sort of lifestyle, but I feel pretty confident about one thing: Being hounded by paparazzi all the time must suck.

Disclaimer: This post includes some very strong language. And though the language in question comes to us courtesy of our friends across the pond in London, where it has a different connotation, we can’t in good conscience endorse its use.

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That’s something that a supermodel like Kate Moss probably knows all too well. Which is why her friend Nick Knight—filmmaker and the founder of fashion website Showstudio—decided to step in and help her fend off the photo-happy hoards. In an Instagram post that he’s since deleted for some reason, he explained the logic:

“After seeing footage of a pack of around 20 male paparazzi pursuing Kate Moss and her baby daughter at LAX
airport in Los Angeles to the point where she was reduced her to hiding under her suitcase as they continued to relentlessly photograph her, I wanted to make a T-shirt that would give her some way of speaking her mind.”

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The result is the “Anti” tee, which features reflective lettering on the chest that only shows up when exposed to the flash of a camera. Again, be warned: It’s nothing if not profane.


That’s one way to tell ’em how you feel.

You can get your own for $80 from Showstudio’s online store now, should you feel inclined to do so.

[h/t: Fashionista]

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