This is the new trend of elevator shoes in 2020

This isn’t only down to lack of observation, it’s also a fact that without even thinking about elevators, guys wear all kinds of stuff onto their feet that add (or decrease ) height. 1 guy can be wearing a pair of flipflops one minute plus some of Nikes then alongside give him almost two”. No-one is coo-ing and cackling he has gone from wearing his flip flops to normal brand sneakers and crying”it’s obvious you’ve added all that height”. Women change height between level and heels.

There are of course people who are specifically into ultra and matters aware. They’re rare. Oh they exist and that I know a few (!) . But most individuals are not.


With no question, unless you yourself flag it up, then no-one will ever notice the height inclusion through wearing, say, a 3″ or 8cm set of lifts shoe. OK getting up to the 6″ boots in one hit is not the same thing (flat to 6″ is quite a hike) but even there it is weird how others just think, if they believe anything:”they’re big boots such as Timberlands”.

It won’t be an issue, unless you are so conscious that you simply draw attention to it. For me the secret was that I did not find lifts until relatively recently so I added height gradually, lifts afterward large lifts . Far more comfortable than the old aggro of stuffing lifts and socks !

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