The High-End Italian Label Just Tapped Metallica for a Campaign

Starring all four members of Metallica, the campaign is a stride away from the Kering-owned label’s former approach, whichPanerai Replica Watches would more likely have seen Puccini fronting a campaign than heavy metal’s most recognizable band.

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Today, Roman tailoring house Brioni unveiled its first advertising campaign under the aegis of new creative director Justin O’Shea—the tattooed and bearded former buying director of luxury retail site MyTheresa.

From the gothic script of the logo to the broad-shouldered, slim-waisted suits Hammett, Ulrich, Hetfield, and Trujillo are wearing, the campaign marks a brave move for the brand—one that comes at a time when luxury houses are making increasingly radical and creative moves in a bid to entice a changing consumer.

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Those shifts take the form of anything from Burberry’s new seasonless “see now, buy now” approach to Gucci’s gender-fluid identity and Saint Laurent’s “bigger than fashion” thing (the brand’s latest campaign features waif-like boys and girls shot in black and white wearing no clothes whatsoever). Now O’Shea has thrown his hat into the ring with a bold statement that’ll definitely appeal to metalheads—and hopefully to accomplished men with money to spend, as well. (Not that the two are mutually exclusive.)

Most importantly, however, the suits—cut with a wider shoulder and longer line—look beautiful. The first collection will be shown during Paris Couture next week, the day after which the clothes will be available in selected stores globally.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Metallica has some 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 3.2 million on Twitter. That should help things along a bit.

Check out the rest of the shots from the campaign:

Zackery Michael

Zackery Michael

Zackery Michael

Zackery Michael

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