This Brave, Stupid Antihero Actually Is Robbing Banks in Style

Just think of all the times you’ve said to yourself, Damn, I really want that new Vetements Snoop Dogg shirt, but I’d have to rob a bank to afford it. Nerding out on menswear is not exactly the most affordable of hobbies.

Well, looks like one valiant antihero decided to take that statement literally. According to DNA Info, there’s a fashion-minded thief that has now been tied to six Manhattan bank robberies. The surveillance footage shows him in an array of hats, sunglasses, jackets, and even a scarf. Why is he robbing banks? Probably to buy more hats, sunglasses, jackets, and scarves.

Now, far be it from us to judge a person’s individual style, but we think this Thomas Crowne wannabe is playing it a bit too safe. If you’re committing your basic workaday crimes and misdemeanors, sure, his wardrobe is fine.

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But bank robbery is a federal crime, and for federal crimes, you really should go all in. May we suggest a nice Raf Simons lab coat and a pair of Rick Owens creeper boots to give it a cool, cyber Matrix-y vibe? Or maybe go for the classic Jesse James-style look with a Visvim denim jacket and pretty much anything by RRL. I meanPatek Philippe Replica Watches, dude is going to be in an orange jumpsuit soon—may as well live it up while he has the chance.

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