These are shorts worth trying.

A fabric made of a cotton-poly blend, the Stretch Easy Shorts of Uniqlo have a leg up on elasticity, making them a comfy alternate that is super. They feature an elasticated drawstring waist that is adjustable like Patagonia’s and come in a selection of colors, however include a pocket that is patched.

BUY NOW: $15


L.L. Bean Classic Supplex Sport Shorts 6″
L.L. Bean’s alternative uses the exact same Supplex nylon that created Patagonia’s Baggies famous, featuring quick-drying and water-repellant properties. They come with a mesh liner, elastic waist and are UPF50+ graded (just make sure to sunscreen your thighs not covered by the six inches of shorts). They also come in several spans and design alternatives, for more choices.

BUY NOW: $35


The North Face Class V 7″ Pull-On Trunks
From one outside The North Face’s choice is made from nylon and has a zippered rear pocket seams and an elasticated drawstring waist.

BUY NOW: $40


Outerknown Nomadic Valley
These eco-conscious shorts are made with 100% recycled. Unlike the storied original Baggies, these forgo.

BUY NOW: $68


Filson Green River Water Shorts
The river-ready shorts of filson tip the scales with a 5-ounce fabric made from a blend of cotton and nylon. So that you don’t have to fret about bleaching effects, they are treated to take care of chlorine pools, and they’re quick to dry as a result of its mesh pockets.



ZAPPOS: $75 $49
Gramicci Nylon Packable G-Short
Gramicci’s shorts are appropriate to rock faces, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get to a set only to get a summer fit. Produced with nylon, they are packable, zippered pocket and come with an webbed belt pockets.

BUY NOW: $95


Noah Utility Shorts
Noah adds the thigh of its own lounge-ready shorts and an extra cargo pocket. They are crafted using a durable cotton twill in Canada and include fashionable’80s and hand pockets -style logo.

BUY NOW: $108


Outlier F.Cloth Bigs
Known for its technical art, Outlier’s F.Cloth Bigs shorts are an upgraded alternative worth considering. The fabric is woven with a lightweight canvas that is created with 97% Cordura-grade nylon and 3 percent elastane using coating and two-way stretch.

BUY NOW: $138


Battenwear Active Lazy Shorts
Among the most breezy of the group in this record, the Active Lazy Shorts of Battenwear are included of a 55/45 linen/cotton cloth. They’re comfortably roomy and include two patch pockets and two hand pockets in addition to an drawstring waist.

BUY NOW: $165


Goldwin Cordura Shorts
A minimally-designed and straightforward option, the Cordura Shorts of Goldiwn are extremely lightweight and more durable. They come with a smart inseam for tons of storage space that discreet and a better match.

BUY NOW: $190


And Wander Belted Reflective Shorts
And Wander alternative is constructed in Japan with a lightweight and waterproof shell. It features seam cargo pockets, an incorporated belt, hidden zippered hand pockets and panels.

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