The Uniqueness of Elevator Shoes in Shades of Art!

Painting leather is a noble and ancient art. The artisans, besides the plan, also take care of the colour of the design they create, painting it as true artists. The final result is an artistic impact which enhances the texture, where the deeper colors mix harmoniously with all the brighter colors in a game of reflections that are iridescent and distinctive. A technique capable of enhancing the style: the patina expresses the uniqueness.


But you will find, in detail.

The”classic” effect that improves the navy blue feel on the toe and on the trunk and the shades of the whitened on the leather. The last outcome is contributed to by every detail like a painter’s brushstroke. A must-have for the man who enjoys shoes and handcrafted workmanship capable of increasing height, constantly looking for the classy and distinctive touch in each ensemble.

The final result is a unique retro effect that improves the black feel on the tip, the colors of brown on the leather, enhancing their luster. The refinement for lovers of craftsmanship and handmade shoes looking for harmonies of both distinctive and iridescent reflections. The sole is in real leather with non metallic rubber.

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