The Top Men’s Jeans Brands to Wear in 2017

First-class jeans are a lot like your best friends. They’re supportive and reliable, and they make you feel relaxed whether you’re hanging around the house or embarking on adventures.

In 2017, several companies are leading the jeans market in terms of quality, comfort and versatility. If you’re a fan of high-end apparel, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the top men’s jeans brands listed below and the unique aspects of their products.

7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind is a Los Angeles-based company that almost seems to expand with each passing month. Founded in 2000, it’s branched out into shoes, children’s clothing and a variety of other areas. Nevertheless, Sevens (as it’s sometimes called) remains especially popular among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities for its jeans.

Resilience is a hallmark of this brand. No matter how many times you put them in your dryer, your 7 For All Mankind jeans will essentially look no worse for the wear. On top of that, these pants are chic and sophisticated, boasting cuts that are truly creative.

34 Heritage

34 Heritage is a relatively new company; it’s only been around since 2011. Even so, it’s had a profound impact on premium denim.

These jeans boast features that are lovingly produced by hand, and its styles are striking in the way they blend old-fashioned and cutting-edge looks. And, thanks in large part to the Turkish cotton these pants contain, they feel extraordinarily soft. They’re as comforting as a childhood blanket.

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AG Jeans

AG Jeans now puts out different types of apparel, but when entrepreneur Yul Ku founded the brand in 2000, it sold only denim. Even today, denim remains the company’s heart and soul.

These jeans are highly durable, and they can complement and enhance just about every style that appeals to you, from preppy to rugged.

AG’s fabrics are friendly to the environment, and the company contributes to organizations that supply drinking water to residents of developing countries. It’s great to know that one of the world’s top men’s jeans brands has a moral fiber that’s as strong as its denim fiber.

Agave Denim

Jeff Shafer, fashion designer extraordinaire, established Agave Denim in 2002. It was originally based in Santa Monica, Calif., but it’s now headquartered in Ridgefield, Wash.

Agave is famous for its material. Its denim stays pristine even after many wearings. The company gets its cotton from farms across the globe, and it partners with renowned denim mills in the United States and Japan. One of the brand’s favorite kinds of cotton is Supima, which is soft yet exceedingly tough.

Each pair of Agave jeans is fashioned by hand, and each has its own special look. The colors and the overall appearance are never quite the same from one pair to another.


When he launched his clothing company in 1955, Fritz Hiltl insisted on the highest quality all the way down to the smallest detail. That attitude still infuses Hiltl, and it’s the main reason why it’s become synonymous all over the planet with the best of men’s jeans.

Hiltl makes its products in Europe, and craftspeople still sew many of these pants with their own hands. The brand is dedicated to innovation as well. For example, its five-pocket jeans come with an “invisible” pocket in which to store valuables, and each waistband has a customized shape to ensure that the pants will stay in place.

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Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades offers premium jeans in straight and relaxed fits. And, given how much stretch they have, those relaxed-fit jeans really live up to the name. What’s more, this company’s denim is elegant and opulent. That’s not surprising as it comes from some of the most renowned mills in Turkey.

This brand caters to people it calls “modern players”: individuals such as CEOs whom many other people admire.

Joe’s Jeans

Looking to create products imbued with a real Southern California flair, Joe Dahan created Joe’s Jeans in 2001. The company has certainly succeeded in that original goal. Just about any rock star would be proud to strut his stuff in these stylish pants.

There’s a real democratic spirit to pants from Joe’s Jeans. No matter your body type or your measurements, these jeans will flatter you. They’re roomy, they breathe and they never feel restrictive or rigid.

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If you’re like so many guys, you probably wear your jeans to all kinds of places and events: parties, cookouts, ball games, shopping excursions, the list goes on and on. Given how often you have them on, they should absolutely make you feel cozy and comfy.

In addition, whether they’re timeless or avant-garde in their appearance, those pants should sport cuts, washes and shades that are chic and smart. It’s great to be able to button your jeans and instantly feel like a male model.

Of course, such pants aren’t always easy to find, but any of the top men’s jeans brands mentioned above should provide the complete dungaree package. And, once you find your favorite jeans maker, you might be a loyal customer for years to come.

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