The Secret to Why Idris Elba Can Wear Any Suit

Idris Elba is a multi-talented actor and DJ from the United Kingdom, a performer who’s taken the global entertainment industry by storm. You may have seen him portray the soldier Heimdall in the “Thor” movies or Nelson Mandela in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” You might also remember him from “The Wire” on HBO. He’s even put out his own collection of luxurious clothing.

If you’ve ever seen Idris in formal wear, you may have come away with a singular impression: That man is a true style icon. He’s frequently Googled for his bold and classy looks. What is Idris’ secret, though? Was he born with the ability to rock any suit?

While Idris certainly sets the highest of fashion bars, there are principles that any guy could learn by studying his ensembles. Above all, it’s important to be a little audacious, customize your clothing and tailor your suits. An excellent fit will make it much easier to parade around with Idris-level confidence. You will be so happy with your tailored outfits that you can’t help but beam Idris-wattage smiles.

Suits the Idris Way

Given his impressive height and bulging muscles, Idris relies heavily on his tailors. As a result, an Idris Elba suit always features exquisite tapering as well as sleeve and pant leg lengths that are just right.

For the most part, he favors traditional hues like black, gray and dark blue and he doesn’t date his wardrobe by copying the latest outlandish trends, which are bound to disappear within months if not weeks.

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At the same time, Idris likes to add personality to the mix via suit accessories without overdoing it, by including a colorful solid tie or one with polka dots, for instance. Pastel shirts are not out of the question for him, either. The typical Idris Elba suit is slightly on the snug side, which makes sense for a buff dude.
On top of that, when you browse through online photos of Idris’ suits, you can get a renewed awareness of the variety that the basic three-piece suit offers. Details as small and as simple as a tie bar or a pinstripe pattern can really help a suit pop, making it feel fresh and vital.

Elba Casual

It’s not just an Idris Elba suit that’s worth examining. The man’s casual clothing is equally inspiring. The fabrics of his non-formal wear are splendid; selvedge denim is a fine example. He consistently pulls off looks that are at once crisp, creative and relaxed. He’ll complement his overall appearance with just the right accessory, too ― a snazzy flat cap or the perfect pair of shades.

Yes, Idris can pull off some advanced moves. For instance, he layers patterned suits with bold colors and mixes formal suit jackets with jeans and sneakers. You might want to give this approach a try sometime.

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Lessons from Idris

Sometimes, people marvel at celebrities’ sense of style and think they can’t achieve that look themselves. They figure that movie and TV stars have an innate, razor-sharp fashion sense and a team of fashion-forward confidantes to help them look their best. However, you can emulate their style if you take away one major lesson: making clothing look effortless takes effort no matter who you are.

For example, Idris is proud of the work and research he does in the field of men’s fashion. He’s continually seeking new looks and materials to add to his closets. Even if he doesn’t mindlessly follow the latest trends, he stays abreast of them so he can always have a strong sense of what’s going on in the style world. If you take the time to stay informed about menswear and how it’s evolving, you’ll pick up plenty of exciting ideas as time passes.

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Idris’ sheer enthusiasm for formal clothes is worth imitating. Unfortunately, modern society sometimes fails to appreciate what this kind of clothing can do for a man ― the power, the authority and the grace that such clothes can bestow. For instance, there are workplaces that let employees wear casual clothing to the office or even encourage their doing so, and some famous people celebrate grunginess.

It helps to have a star as gifted and striking as Idris Elba come along and extol gorgeous suits. It reminds us that many people immediately feel respect for an individual wearing a well-fitting suit.

Idris Elba deserves applause for his long history of daring acting roles and equally brave sartorial decisions. The next time you’re shopping for clothes, you might try to summon that spirit. Why not make some interesting and unusual choices in terms of your colors and materials? Keep in mind the image of Idris strolling down a red carpet, supremely comfortable in his own skin. To mimic that look and attitude, closely collaborate with a tailor you trust so your suits will precisely fit your physique. You’ll feel radiant and totally at ease the next time you get all dressed up.

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