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Travelling is often both enjoyable and stressful and we all know why; we just can’t seem to figure out what we need to pack and what we don’t even need to consider at all.

Your hand luggage is your saviour when travelling because it means you have the items that you may need right beside you at all times. It also takes less effort compared to opening your actual suitcase to find the smallest thing that you may need.

Extra T Shirts and Jeans

Before you pack anything, you need to make sure you have this summer’s essential items to ensure you look good while travelling.

After you have bought everything that you want and might need, then it’s on to what to pack in your luggage. First thing that you need to make sure you have is some spare shirts and trousers in your carry on luggage because accidents can happen and you don’t want to lose all of your clothes in day one.

A pair of extra shirts and some jeans should suffice, but make sure your best clothes are also packed in your carry on luggage because you might not want to lose those together with your luggage.


It should be obvious that keeping your valuables in the carry on luggage is key to ensure everything you may need; for example your ID, passport or wallet is always in your arms reach. Remember to put them in the same place or pocket every time to avoid confusion when travelling.

Also, summer essentials like sunglasses should be in there as well for travelling comfort in sunny cities or the countryside. Unless you are travelling somewhere cold then bringing an extra jacket wouldn’t hurt, like this navy Lyle and Scott jacket.

Hair and Body Essentials

Believe it or not, some people expect to get hair and body essentials in any hotels that they go to and unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Bringing your own preferred shampoos or body cream will be much more convenient although it does mean heavier hand luggage!

Bringing your own items should also help with the issue of consistently spending more money on items that you could have brought from home. Keep in mind that Mainline Menswear does not sell hair and body items so please buy those in your local shops.


Let’s be honest, not everybody wants to wear a hat in the summer or winter which is fine, but for those who do here is the Mainline Menswear selection of hats and beanies for those going somewhere too cold for comfort.

This might not be an essential to other people but there are a lot of people who love to wear hats wherever they might choose to go, and something like a the Boss Green Cap 1 should be perfect for the occasion.

Now that you are ready and informed on what you might want to pack in your hand luggage, go out there and enjoy yourself in the sunny beaches or the most beautiful skiing resorts or hiking the most stunning mountains.

But make sure you have everything and anything you might need for the occasion to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Written by Fritz Samson

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