Review On Apple Watch 2

When Apple announced its highly anticipated Apple Watch in September 2014 people everywhere got excited. The concept of having an Apple designed smartwatch got everyone talking. Skip to today and the Apple Watch has been on sale for a year and people are now anticipating the next generation the Apple Watch 2.

In this post we will round up the rumors surrounding the next unannounced Apple device. When will the launch be, what new features can we expect and what will it cost? All will be discussed.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 Release

The release date is edging closer and leaks are continually suggesting we won’t have to wait too much longer for the next smartwatch. The last smartwatch is only a year old but it seems we are having to update our watches as often as our phones. The date for release has reportedly been penciled in for summer 2016. This is following a formal unveil in June at Apple’s WWDC 2016 conference.

New Features

In regards to rumored upgrades there hasn’t been much released. We do however know that a lot would like improved battery life and most certainly the appearance.

Another expected improvement is the Apple S1 chip, this will most likely offer performance improvements and be called Apple S2 chip. There is a possibility we may see 3D touch replacing force touch. It seems the only solid rumor they have leaked is that the newest watch eliminates the need for a paired iPhone.

Apple Watch 2 Price

When looking at iPhone’s, Apple likes to keep to specific price points. Downgrading the older ones as new ones are released.

If they keep to the same policy and sizing for the Apple Watch 2 you are looking at the following prices:

  • Sport Model 38mm – £299
  • Larger Model 42mm – £339
  • Standard version 38mm – £479
  • Larger version 42mm – £479

It’s a fair bet that just like other Apple products the second version of the iWatch will not be cheap.

Check out the official Apple website for more news and for your chance to grab the brand new Apple Watch 2 when released.

Apple Watch

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