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What’s the first thing any man thinks of when packing for a Summer holiday? That’s right, swim shorts. But which ones do you go for? Holidays are for kicking back and relaxing, but you have to remember that you’re still in public and on show.

Here’s a quick guide to help make your decision a little easier.

Short length

This year, men’s shorts are getting shorter but in a 1950s style. Short-shorts are perfect for the shorter or thick-calved gentleman – the higher hem line will stretch you out a little, giving the impression of longer legs.

Bear in mind – the shorter the shorts, the less you want to carry in your pockets to avoid confusing, oddly shaped bulges.

Mid length

Probably the most versatile swimwear for men, mid length swim shorts are perfect for the poolside bar and beaches alike. Show off your efforts in the gym with swim shorts that cut off around 4 inches above the knee.

Still keeping a tailored fit without being too skimpy, they are perfect for the younger or older gentleman. Try throwing on a short sleeved Oxford shirt and a pair of flip flops for a casual holiday look that is also practical for a spontaneous dip in the sea.

Long length

The never changing beach classic, longer length swim shorts are favoured by young and older men – especially if they have a hibiscus pattern covering them. The perfect length board shorts fall just above or on the knee, any longer and you’re veering into three quarter length territory.

Whether your shorts are patterned or plain, pair them with a thin linen shirt for a more sophisticated pool side look.

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