The History of Puma

In 1996, Under Armour was founded with one goal in mind; to keep athletes cool, dry and comfortable during activity. Their first product was the original 0039 Compress t-shirt which boosts muscle performance and wicks moisture, courtesy of the unique synthetic material.

What followed was 21 years of success and numerous revolutionary sportswear products, all of which serve a different purpose in perfecting the performance of the athlete. In 1998, Under Armour introduced their ColdGear Mock which kept athletes dry and protected with a brushed inner layer that circulates heat.

A decade later, the company re-released their original compression shirt only this time revolutionised with their new technology – Charged Cotton. With all the comfort of cotton and the light, water repellent properties of their original compression shirt, Charged Cotton and Charged Cotton Storm changed the game.


As well as numerous other notable creations from t shirts to trainers, Under Armour now have a huge catalogue of incredible clothing designed to accommodate any athlete, keeping them cool, comfortable and performing at their peak whatever the weather.

Over time, the brand has defined four main technologies for their products; CoolSwitch, HeatGear, HeatGear Armour and Microthread. CoolSwitch is designed for warmer weather, keeping your body and skin cool so you can perform for longer. The technology utilises an exclusive coating on the inside of the fabric which pulls heat away from your skin, allowing you to feel cooler and perform at your best.

HeatGear, as the name suggests, is designed to be worn in the heat. This is the product Under Armour was originally known for – clothing designed to keep you cool, dry and fresh under any heat courtesy of the breathable fabric which wicks sweat and regulates body temperature.

under armour

HeatGear technology later evolved into the popular base layer so widely used in sports today. Utilising the same lightweight breathable fabric as the original HeatGear, the base layer acts as your second skin offering cooling, sweat wicking properties as well as undeniable support to the athlete.

Last but by no means least, Under Armour’s MicroThread technology is perhaps one of the most unique sounding, creating a microclimate around your body which draws sweat away from you allowing for quicker cooling. It’s light and flexible so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it, save for the undeniable cooling effect you’ll experience courtesy of the revolutionary technology.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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