The Best Men’s Fashion Blogs Every Guy Should Follow

Are you a newbie when it comes to finding the best men’s fashion blogs? If someone asked you to name one of your favorite style blogs, would you be completely stumped?

If so, you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun. Fashion blogs are surprisingly addictive. When you find one you like, you’ll get sharp wardrobe ideas for every season and every special occasion. You may see countless combos that you never would’ve dreamed of otherwise.

Here are a few of the sites we consider to be the best men’s fashion blogs.


best mens fashion blogs

FashionBeans debuted in 2007, and it’s now a massive enterprise that’s constantly updated. Its fans relish its clever writing and arresting photos. In addition to stories about fashion, there’s a sprawling reader forum and pages on grooming ― beards are popular topics (no surprise) ― watches and other subjects. The lifestyle section, meanwhile, tackles many of life’s pleasures, including cars, dating, drinks and Netflix.

Humor pulsates throughout FashionBeans, which you can see just by reading some of the article titles. “How to Wear a Cardigan (And Not Look Like Your Granddad)” is a fine example. As a sweet bonus, you’ll find discounts on your favorite brands.


best mens fashion blog

Dappered has become one of the best men’s fashion blogs in existence. One reason it’s so famous is that it focuses on inexpensive items, and it provides honest, crystal-clear product reviews. If you’re not sure what to wear to your cousin’s outdoor wedding or your kid’s parent-teacher conference, just ask for help on Dappered’s forum. You’re sure to receive expert tips in short order.

Like FashionBeans, Dappered ventures into other areas, including advice on women and alcohol. If you’ve been wondering how you can get friendlier with your bartender or your in-laws, you’ve come to the right place.

Scout Sixteen

best mens fashion blogs

Justin Livingston lives in New York and hails from Mississippi, and his mixture of sophistication and down-to-earth charm makes for compelling reading. He chronicles travel, music, design and food in Scout Sixteen, and his fashion articles cover a wide range of styles. He writes in a direct, plainspoken manner and forms a strong connection with readers by letting them into his daily life.

Justin only promotes brands and items that he’s passionate about. When he describes his love of fashion accessories, for example, and then offers vivid photos of his favorites, you realize that he really knows what he’s talking about.

The Gentleman Blogger

best mens fashion blogs

As the name suggests, The Gentleman Blogger is a refined corner of the internet. Matthew Zorpas, its creator, lives in London and gives us a British perspective on the fashion industry and beyond. Whether he’s recommending a hotel in London, endorsing a brand of eyeglasses or enthusing about a recent trip to Istanbul, he’s effortlessly articulate and urbane. And the colorful photos all over this blog might influence you whenever you go wardrobe shopping.

The Scott Effect

best mens fashion blogs

Blake Scott supplies proof that, when it comes to fashion, passion is the most important ingredient. Blake, who lives in Los Angeles, never studied the subject at a school or institute, and his sense of style is his own.

There’s a laid-back appeal to The Scott Effect. Blake photographs himself in creative attire all over L.A. He sometimes wears suits without ties, shoes without socks and white after Labor Day. In other words, he doesn’t pay attention to “rules,” and that confidence and casualness are surprisingly inspiring.

The New York Times Men’s Style Blog

best mens fashion blogs

Sure, the New York Times is one of the mainstays of old-school media. But this blog, which debuted in 2015, still manages to be cutting-edge. It forecasts exciting trends and profiles sartorial stars from across the globe. And you can’t beat the writing here. The vocabulary is as precise as could be, and the details are so exquisite that you might feel smarter after reading just one of this site’s articles. Even the ads are classy and clever.

The primary contributor to this blog is Matthew Schneier, a Yale graduate, veteran reporter, stylist, social media expert and critic. He certainly has a keen eye for what’s in vogue at any given moment.

Men’s Style Pro

best mens fashion blogs

Fashion authority Sabir M. Peele launched Men’s Style Pro in 2010, and since the beginning, he’s intended it to be more than a collection of first-rate essays and photos. Sabir wants it to be a place where he and his readers can have conversations. Thus, he often responds to comments, and the site lets you send him your questions and ideas for new content.

This blog is especially valuable for those who wear suits frequently. It seems to dispense advice on just about any kind of suit you could think of, from linen to gingham.

When you read any or all of the best men’s fashion blogs, you get more than just info about clothing ― as important as that clothing might be. Visiting these blogs is like stopping in to see old friends: people with vibrant senses of humor, a way with words and twinkles in their eyes. Good style bloggers are good company, and the best of them are role models as well as fashion models.

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