4 Isaia Trends of Fall : The Marechiaro Suit, The Capri Suit, The Sanita Sport Jacket and The Domenico Sport Jacket

Isaia trends play a huge role in the world of fashion. Let’s get to know this Fall trend.

What the brand is working on today combines old world quality, as well as Neapolitan heritage, with a new world style and feel. From incredible full suits to sport jackets that make your average off the rack number look plain shabby, Isaia trends are setting the stage for men who care about how they look.

Whether you’ve got a wardrobe full of quality suits, or you’re just filling up your closet for the first time, you can’t go wrong with Isaia. Keep reading to learn more about Isaia trends for 2017 that you need to be aware of.

The Marechiaro Suit

The Marechiaro suit, one that’s designed in the classic Neapolitan style, is so synonymous with Italian style and fashion history that you might feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you put it on. At the same time, the modern appointments of the suit will make any man feel comfortable wherever he goes.

Designed with a soft grinze-trimmed shoulder, wider lapel and full-length darts, this a classic-style suit that men of all ages can wear. This suit even features a rounder chest that’s perfect for business or any occasion where a man might go for that perfect power suit. The Marechiaro suit also features a somewhat tapered leg and a 21 centimeter ankle.

Made with thin wool designed to withstand regular wear and abuse, the Marechiaro suit is also durable enough for men that are going to wear theirs each and every week. From classic patterns to more modern Isaia trends and variations, this Aquaspider 1.5 micron fabric is exclusive to Isaia and the discerning men that wear the brand.

The Capri Suit

Named after the Island that’s inspired many stories in the fashion world, the Capri suit from Isaia is intended to provide a breezy feel that’s ideal for the summer, spring and beginning of fall. Offering a half-lined and cropped length – Isaia’s shortest – the Capri suit is one that’s designed to look and feel light, showcasing a man’s natural silhouette in comfort and style.

Offering a medium rise, somewhat tapered leg – though not an ultra-modern slim fit – this suit also offers a moderate ankle cut that’s comfortable yet stylish for today’s world. The Capri even offers old-world charm with a grinze-trimmed shirt shoulder stitch and pronounced welt stitch to showcase the quality of these garments.

The Capri suit comes in materials designed to offer a nubby appearance made with woven looped yams. The unique material here gives the Capri exceptional depth and color, making it ideal for darker and earth-toned suits alike.

All Isaia suits in the Capri collection have a soft hand and wear well over time when properly cared for.

The Sanita Sport Jacket

Made with Italian traditional style in mind, the Sanita sport jacket is one that portrays a strong silhouette and Neapolitan shoulder, including the traditionally higher armhole. The Sanita sport jacket also utilizes a wider point-to-point construction along the back to make the jacket more comfortable for prolonged wear.

One of the best things about the Sanita sport jacket is that it’s designed to be worn in many situations, making it a go-to for many men around the world. The classic fit of the jacket and modern appointments like a raised button stance, side vents and full canvas construction, also make it a jacket that can be worn almost anytime and anywhere.

From basics like navy and charcoal, to more unique materials like blue and green plaid, the Sanita sport jacket can find a place in any man’s wardrobe. Whether you need basics or bold patterns, Sanita is an important piece for men that wear a sport jacket regularly or just want one high-quality garment for those times when dressing to impress is essential.

The Domenico Sport Jacket

Men looking at Isaia trends for the season might see a fair amount of classically structured looks, and while Isaia certainly does Neapolitan basics well, they also have very modern jackets in their line. The Domenico is definitely one of those more modern options for men looking to combine dressed up parts of their wardrobe with more casual items.

Made to be at home with a pair of jeans or quality slacks, the Domenico sport jacket is completely deconstructed without any padding around the shoulders at all. However, the jacket does retain a full canvas construction, so you don’t have to worry about your jacket looking out of shape if it takes some abuse or gets a lot of regular wear.

Made in a variety of different colors and patterns, you can get everything from basic earth tones to very modern patterns in the Domenico sport jacket. The soft silk fabric with a matte finish and soft hand also make sure the wearer of this jacket remains comfortable, even after a full day of wear.

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