Sylvester Stallone reveals new ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’ obstacle course


Do you have endurance, athleticism, and toughness to make it through the “beast”?

Because Stallone wanted to know.

Netflix released the first time the actor watched his new series compete for the ultimate devil, which looks like a special edition of the American Ninja Warrior Stallone flare added to it.

The 10-episode series, described by Sylvester Stallone as “The Ultimate Battle of Man and Livestock,” will have rivals from around the world trying to complete one of the “Most Devastating Curriculum Designs of All Time.”

The series will be celebrity host alongside Sylvester Stallone, including actor Terry Crew, Brazilian Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Silva, and Mexican TV host Ines. Each issue will have 12 competitors. At the end of the season, the winner of each episode will be the last stop in the last race.

Ultimate Beastmaster will arrives on Netflix on February 24, 2017.

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