Stop Using Your Bed Sheet to Lay In The Sand

Give it up. That random sheet or old beach towel isn’t a suitable option for the beach. Sure, you might just be laying in the sand. But a great towel holds the same power as a great bathing suit. It gets your head in the right zone for total relaxation. Plus, when clothes and accessories are at a minimum, every little bit counts. Here are some of the coolest towels you can get this summer.


Fire Legend Towel

A multi-person towel fit for beaches, barbecues, and (hopefully mud-free) music festivals. 

SHOP: $90,

Calvin Klein

Beach Towel

A non-fussy, no-fail option.

SHOP: $57,


Vintage Spinning Top Beach Towel

The unopposed master of top-notch ties and scarves brings you the essential summer accessory. 

SHOP: $723,

John Elliott

Geometric Print Beach Towel

A blue-and-white geometric print is a cool beachside option. 

SHOP: $210,

Louis Vuitton

Regatta Beach Towel

Louis Vuitton’s regatta towel came to play. The durable, beach-friendly option won’t crumble under pressure. 

SHOP: $515,

Orlebar Brown

Beach Towel

An easy navy for the beach or poolside. 

SHOP: $90,


Beach Towel and Bag

This functional towel has a pouch on the back so it can fold into itself, creating an easy bag to carry. 

SHOP: $270,

Soho Home

Berlin House Cotton Terry Pool Towel

Who needs a Soho House membership when you can just snag some of its towels?  

SHOP: $75,

Birdwell for Todd Snyder

Birdwell Towel

This retro towel will pair especially well with one of your throwback T-shirts. 

SHOP: $58,

Tommy Hilfiger

Logo Towel 

A navy Tommy towel is timeless. 

SHOP: $95,


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