Soap that could be killing your sex life


Do you believe that soap can interfere with your sex life?

When you are in the shower, you glimpse the ingredients listed in your shower gel, and you usually assume they are all good for you. In most cases, they are even just some good chemical substances can have unexpected consequences, such as chemical antimicrobial triclosan.

Once a popular choice is placed on soap, deodorants, and shower gels to help kill bacteria, the study found that triclosan “may disrupt sexual and thyroid hormone and other bodily functions,” according to CBS News. In a study by researchers at the University of California, Davis also showed that chemistry sometimes leads to muscle weakness and muscle damage.

The US Food and Drug Administration banned the move of Triclosan and another 18 antimicrobial ingredients, including triclocarban, which is found in many bars soaps-from being used for any antimicrobial soap, with the FDA saying soapy chemicals “There is no scientific evidence They are more than ordinary soap and water. ”

The ban will take effect in September 2017 across the country, but many companies have started phasing out any chemicals used in their products. Minnesota did not feel any fast enough, so they banned the use of triclosan on January 1.

Despite the fact that this chemical has been widely used, it is one less thing you have to worry about when you take a bath or jump to bed with your girlfriend.

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