What I Like
Here are three things I like about these Sharp Casualwear shirts:


#1: Super Comfortable – These shirts are made from a blended fabric that combines rayon, cotton and spandex. It has just enough stretch to it, but it still feels like cotton.

Now, before the naysayers get all up in arms about blended fabrics, let me just explain something real quick:

There’s nothing wrong with synthetic materials like rayon. In fact, using a blend of natural and synthetic fibers often yields the best results, in terms of comfort and durability.

Sharp Casualwear grey fabric

People love to say things like “I only buy 100% cotton” or “Pima cotton is the best material on earth”, but guess what?

They’re wrong.

Sharp Casualwear LabelJust because people have been using cotton for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s still the best option. I mean, we’re not getting to work via horseback, right?

(Well, most of use aren’t…you know who you are, Texas.)

The facts are: cotton retains moisture, wrinkles easily and warps under heat.


But when you blend cotton with high quality rayon (like the bamboo-derived rayon used in these shirts) the results are incredible – especially when the garment actually fits.

#2: Perfect Length – I hate when t-shirts and polos are too long. Sure, you can get them hemmed, but it’s rarely worth it, and knits are hard to alter.

These shirts stop at that sweet spot – just below the belt, right above mid-fly. The result? You look well-proportioned and maybe even a little bit taller.

Sharp Casualwear grey v-neck tee

No more tucking the front of your shirt behind your belt (we’ve all done it)!

#3: Versatile Colors – Solid black and grey t-shirts are wardrobe essentials. Every man should own at least 2-3 neutral, solid color tees (preferably a mix of crew necks and v-necks).

To maximize versatility, your t-shirts shouldn’t have any logos or graphics on them. These Sharp Casualwear t-shirts check all the right boxes.


What I Don’t Like
Two things:

First, I would prefer slightly slimmer sleeves. The sleeves are just a bit wide for my taste, but I have relatively thin arms for my height (nah, bro, I don’t lift).

Founder, Danny Hernandez, says they may offer different fits in the future:

Our [current] design process focuses on height as well as a broader chest and shoulders. Our fit options include Regular and Broad, and we’re exploring other fit options.

For reference, I have a 35″ chest and 11.5″ biceps (not flexing*).

*While flexing, my biceps expand to almost twice their normal size, not unlike Popeye the Sailor.

My second complaint is that the price ($40) is a little steep. It’s not that these shirts aren’t worth $40. They’re made in the USA, and they’re way nicer than anything you’ll find at H&M or even American Apparel.

But still, most guys don’t want to pay that much for a t-shirt. On the other hand, a $55 polo shirt isn’t bad at all – especially since it actually fits.

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