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Every guy wants to be him. Every girl wants to be with him. Well, heed the following guide will tell you all you need to know to steal the look of the mysterious Mr Grey and release your inner ‘50 Shades’. However, before buying anything, you need to make sure that you’re well-groomed with a little bit of stubble, just like Jamie Dornan.

Look One

Here we have a lovely looking Jamie, posing for his ‘The Times’ photoshoot. Check below for what to buy to mimic the simplistic, stylish outfit as shown above.

First off, we have a brown bomber jacket. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same exact shade as the one above, however we do have an equally as stylish one for you instead. Adding to the simplicity of the Dornan inspired image, here is a simple but highly effective white t-shirt. It sets off the darkness of the bomber jacket perfectly.

Up next, we have some blue jeans; but with their faultless fit, faded knee and tapered shape, these are far from your boring basic jeans and are sure look brilliant with the rest of the outfit. And to finish this cool, casual look? Why, a pair of pristine white trainers of course. Looking fly.

Replay Newbill Comfort Fit Jeans | Armani Jeans Leather Bomber Jacket | PS By Paul Smith Crew Neck T-Shirt | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Trainers

Look Two

Here we have another photo shoot of Jamie looking suave as always, and of course below we have the means to style yourself in the same sophisticated way.

Here we have a beautiful, tailored, blue suit. Once again, the plain white t-shirt makes an appearance. Here we have a different shirt to one above. White is great for bringing all the other colours of your outfit to life. Keep your options open, lads. What better way is there to set off this outfit then a pair of swanky, brown shoes? Once again, we don’t have an exact match but check out these black ones!

Hugo Boss Black Huge5 Genius3 Suit | Sweeney London Fellbeck Brogue Shoes | Boss Orange Tooles T-Shirt 

Look Three

Here we have a very casual looking Mr Dornan, and don’t worry, we have the clothing to imitate this look as well; and dare we say, even do it better?

Tweed is back and beautiful. Of course, you could wear it in any colour but as we’re using Jamie as inspiration, here is a grey one similar to the one above. A light blue shirt is exactly what’s needed to complete the top half of this look. And wouldn’t you know it, we have one…just for you. A darker pair of blue jeans are seamless in helping to set off the rest of this ensemble. For this outfit another brown shoe style is being used, only this time we have an exact match!

Diesel Larkee 0806w Jeans | Boss Black Hardin 2 Jacket | Pretty Green Desert Boots | Armani Jeans Long Sleeved Striped Shirt

Look Four

And last but by no means least, we have the ‘Mr Grey’ look. Oh yes, style yourself just like the dominant protagonist of the highest-grossing erotic-romance films of all time.

To start off this striking outfit, we have a wonderfully tailored black suit and a crisp white shirt. Regarding footwear, you can’t have a snappy suit without these sleek black shoes.

Boss Black Rayno2 Wave1 Suit | Boss Black Jerrin Slim Fit Shirt | Boss Black Woven Silk Tie | Sweeney London Belair Brogue Shoes

Well, there you have it. Four ways to dress like the godsend that is Jamie Dornan. Just don’t be shocked when you suddenly find yourself inundated with women.

Written by Davinia Ridgwell

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