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Wearing a cap comes with a bundle of benefits including saving yourself the unnecessary stress of trying to style your hair on its bad days. But with so many ways to wear a cap, how can you be sure you’re doing it in a way that’s not only comfortable, but will help you stand out for the right reasons?

Hats come in different shapes and sizes and wearing different styles will also compliment certain outfits better, so here at Mainline we’ve picked out our favourite ways you can style your chosen head wear.

Baseball Cap – Straight Forwards


Having the brim just above the eyebrows is the most common way to wear this hat and hats in general, and contrary to their original purpose, it doesn’t have to be sunny for it to work!

Wearing a baseball cap in its traditional style works brilliantly and doesn’t require a certain head shape unlike others.  This style of hat has been developed over the years and they are now available in leather, suede, silk and cotton. Regardless of age, baseballs caps are a timelessly practical and practically timeless accessory, and whether you’re a young student or on the far side of 40, a cap will never look out of place.

They’re also a versatile headpiece, and wearing a cap backwards (given that your hair situation is under control!) can add a very laid back look to any casual outfit, although the snapback is a much better option for this.

One to Buy: Hugo Boss Green Cap – £39

Snapback – Backwards


The rise of the snapback has largely been credited for its use in hip-hop culture and since its recent revolution, wearing it backwards has become a huge hit! The good thing about this style of hat is that it suits near enough every head shape and size.

Picking the right colour of hat is important for this look as it can either ruin or make your outfit. Our tip is to avoid a colour clash as much as possible, but snapbacks are made to be casual, so pinks and other bright colours are not uncommon.

The most popular way to wear the snapback is front to back, making sure the front of your hair can be seen pushed back in the gap. Allow the hat to press against your head, it’s simply not a good idea to have it balancing.

One to Buy: Nike True Tech Snapback Cap Grey – £25

Flat Cap – Straight Forwards


Like it or not, the flat cap is back and it’s not just the elder generation that are getting involved.

Before its return, this classy hat was only acceptably worn with a more formal, more gentlemanly attire, whereas now it can be seen as a centrepiece of a slightly more modern casual dress, such as a jacket and jeans and everything in between.

This hat really is a brilliant alternative to the baseball cap, and should be worn the same way we recommend you wear that – forwards (sorry if any Samuel L Jackson fans are reading).

When rocking the flat cap, keep the colours plain or in sync with your chosen outfit and you’re sure to set the perfect impression to oncoming eyes.

One to Buy: Lacoste Pique Flat Cap Blue – £55

Truth be told, there’s a hat to suit every man, and if what we’ve covered isn’t for you, then there are plenty more styles out there ready to be discovered, such as the fedora and the beanie. If you think the style you’re after isn’t deemed very popular or cool, just make sure you be yourself and wear what makes you happy. Remember that fashion is always changing with things bouncing back and fourth in and out of style. But, the most important thing to remember is to wear your hat comfortably and with pride; it’s not a good look to have a bright red ring at the centre of your forehead where your hat has been too tight!

Written by Kalan Coupar

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