The One Style: David Beckham’s fashion collars

David Beckham

David Beckham made a rare (not smell, really) fashion mistakes. However, we applaud him for his courage. When you are in a style like David Beckham elite category, you almost obligated to take risks. But, even baker will also be able to log in the pop-up collar.
If you are not familiar with the pop up collar, this is your basic popped collar, but it pops up in your standard question brothers and/or high school in the 80 s movie villain common type of shirt. You know: your rugby shirts, your polo shirts, even, occasionally, your oxfords. Perfectly fine shirts on their own—well, the rugby shirt can be tricky, which makes Beckham’s attempt that much riskier—but once the collar is popped, they become something else. Something evil.

As a frame of reference, this is a kind of filled with inert bastard, he likes pop his brother by the collar. Now, backus, of course, is light years away, far away from a collar popular brother. In fact, by pretty much all accounts, he’s a genuinely stand-up guy. Which makes this whole thing that much harder to bear.
Now has a collar you can popular fashion. But in general, they in coat – peacoats, the officer’s coat, jacket even cowboy trucks. Pop up your shirt collar, on the other hand, it is almost impossible. Absolutely impossible when it comes to bro.

But you know what? We’re okay with Beckham’s attempt. Because without taking risks, he would never have become the style icon he is today. After all, he did have to go through this:



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