Incotex Pants is one of the most famous men’s clothing. Today we will recommended for you.

For the next item on my “One Thing” list, I’m going to the perfect complement for the aforementioned cashmere crew neck sweater – Incotex pants. Mine are a wonderful, lightweight medium grey wool pair and are by far my favorites.

I purchased them in Venice about two years ago and can’t imagine not having them. When in need of grey dress pants, they are my first and often only choice.


Incotex is part of the Slowear group, an Italian company dedicated to producing exception clothes that are always in style. Everything about the company clearly shows that it finds the idea of “fashion” very unfashionable. Slowear, and its companies, make clothes that last and will always be at the front of your wardrobe.

Slowear actually began its life as Carlo Compagno Confezioni in 1951, manufacturing trousers and uniforms. In the 1970s, the company shifted gears, began focusing exclusively on pants and was renamed Incotex. Over the next several years, strategic acquisitions brought into the fold coat company Motedoro, wool producer Maglifico Zanone, and luxury shirt maker Glanshirt. Earlier this year, the umbrella company was renamed Slowear.


Each brand within Slowear operates independently but now benefits from a unified parent brand and a common operations platform. Nonetheless, the main focus of each unit is to carefully design and produce clothes that exist far above and beyond those churned out by name brand designers season after season. Though located in the city, Slowear even located its offices far from the hubbub of Milan’s fashion district.


Incotex in particular is the master of precision cut trousers. They are exceptional in both quality and construction. I would go so far as to say I have never owned a pair of pants that were so instantly comfortable yet incredibly stylish. They were by no means inexpensive and it’s safe to say that my being on vacation was part of the, “oh, what the heck” attitude that led to the purchase. But I am so very glad I did get them. If forced to single out only one article of clothing in my wardrobe to take on a yearlong trip, it would be these pants. No contest.

My Incotex trousers will be with me for a long time. I hope that you take a little of you time and learn about the brand and about Slowear as well. The company’s philosophy is inspiring and that they put it into action every day, with each of their brands, makes me very happy to have supported them.

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