Men Fashion : What to Wear for Club Night or Sport Social ?

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What to Wear for Club Night or Sport Social? Here’s the answer.

Quite often your students’ union will have a different night on each day of the week, so this combined with all the different pubs and clubs on every street corner will have you spoilt for choice.

Something that you do want to get right for this will be your outfit. Turning up to a club in a dress and heels when everyone else is wearing jeans can be very awkward. Or on the other side of the scale, wearing shorts and trainers when everyone else has a shirt on could even stop you from getting let in on the door.

There are also different outfits which are suitable for different music genres. You probably won’t wear the same thing to a 90s disco that you could to an electronic house night, or a sports social. Well stop your worrying young fresher, and check out this detailed list of what to wear for what event – tried and tested by students themselves.

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Basic club night

The generic club night is the easiest to dress for, as you’ll get people wearing all sorts of things, from fancy dress to a shirt and tie. The general rule for girls tends to be skinny jeans with a nice top or a skirt with trainers to slightly dress it down. Guys you should keep it simple with jeans and trainers, and a t-shirt would be the safest bet, but a casual shirt like checked flannel can also slot you in nicely with the crowd.

Sports social

I lied. The sports social is definitely the easiest night out to dress for. Simply because 90% of the time your sports club will have a specific polo shirt or uniform to wear on your night out, and the other 10% of the time you’ll all be in fancy dress. If you’re not in a sports club however and still want to attend the sports social night out, jeans and a low-key t shirt is the safest shout; you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb in a crowd full of rugby lads smashing pints.


The uni rave is somewhere you can let your hair down, and get a bit creative with your outfit. Make sure you leave your nice clothes at home, as there’s bound to be a drink or two thrown about and a lot of sweaty bodies jumping around. Feel free to experiment with glow paint and brighter colours. A patterned vest or bright track jacket will have you looking right at home. Remember to pick fairly loose fitting clothes for a rave though, as you’re going to want to move around a lot, so cotton is the recommended material here.

90s disco

Your outfit for a 90s disco is rather self-explanatory. Flares, hot pants, acid-wash denim, choker necklaces, hoop earrings, bright colours and eccentric t-shirts are all going to be your friend at a 90s disco. This kind of night is really ideal for dancing like no one is watching, preparing your #throwback filter on Instagram and reliving your younger years. Everyone is going to be belting out tunes from your childhood, so get involved and just enjoy yourself.


Dressing for a house or grunge night can surprisingly require one of the most efforts for a night out. What you need to remember though is that you’re actually putting in a lot of effort to look like you haven’t made any effort at all. Trainers are a must, and if they’ve got dirt on them from the night before, even better. Skinny jeans for both boys and girls paired with a logo t-shirt like Adidas will fit in perfectly. If it’s a bit cold, take yourself an oversized, vintage sports jacket, which you can easily tie around your waist when you’re inside dancing.

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Casual pub

Casual pub sessions are another easy occasion to dress for, however make sure you check whether they have any dress requirements. Some pubs won’t allow certain sports brands or trainers on a Friday or Saturday night, but other than that you can pretty much turn up in whatever you’ve been wearing through the day.

Smart/more expensive club

There are bound to be one or two clubs wherever you are that are known for having a slightly smarter vibe than the others. This means no trainers; you just won’t be allowed in so don’t even bother trying. Girls this is the time to bring out your nice dresses and heels, do your hair and charm the bouncer into thinking you haven’t had one too many glasses of wine. Lads, you can sometimes get away with smart black jeans, but chinos are a safer option, paired with a button up shirt and smart shoes.

A final word

No matter where you’re at university, the number of nights out you can go on will be endless. Find what suits you; whether you go for the music, the people or the venue, and just have fun. You’re definitely going to have a few nights that don’t go to plan, but don’t let this put you off and keep getting out there and throwing some shapes on the dancefloor.

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