Men Fashion Tips : How to wear Bow Ties Perfectly ? 5 Keys Here

Are you confusing about selecting which bow ties today? Follow these steps may help you a lot.

Whatever style you’re going for, a bow tie can help you pull it off. Putting one on isn’t quite as simple as picking out your regular neck tie, however. In fact, there are quite a few pitfalls you can step into when trying to pair your suits with bow ties.

Whether you’re new to the bow tie scene or you just want to improve your bow tie style, you can use this guide to help you. From beginner looks to more advanced styles only for the supremely confident, wearing suits with bow ties is something you can do.

You just need to learn how to do it right.

Get a Solid Start

When you’re first getting started trying to pair suits with bow ties, one of the best choices you can make is buying a dark-colored solid bow tie. Anything else can put you in hot water and make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing pretty quickly.

If black seems just a touch too formal for you, slate gray and navy blue are both excellent options. You’ll get a little more versatility out of grays though since you can wear them with black, blue and even certain brown and olive suits.

Having at least one dark, solid-colored bow tie in your collection is something you absolutely need to do if you’re going to commit to the bow tie as a fashion accessory in your wardrobe. After that first dark color, you can move into other additional dark bow ties like olive, brown and even that much-feared black bow tie.

Pair Your Prints


Among the top prints you’ll find these days are nautical prints, stripes and even abstract and geometric prints. These can all add excitement to your wardrobe, but you must keep in mind that pairing suits with bow ties that work together is the priority.

While the prints you choose to pair are dependent on your style, there are a few basic options that almost all guys can pull off. One of the easiest to is pair a vertical stripe bow tie with a jacket that has a plaid or striped pattern. Two-toned bow ties with a two-toned outfit can also work very well to create an old-time look.

Guys looking to do something a little more out of the ordinary can pair nautical prints with micro-dots and more traditional polka dots. These prints tend to work well together because of their more circular patterns. You can even pair those with a textured plaid or flannel suit for the fall and winter months if you match your colors appropriately.

Men looking for something a bit simpler can pair micro-dot bow ties with almost any suit. Just make sure the colors are right and that you don’t have any patterns that contrast heavily with your bow tie.

Learn Your Bow Tie Styles

Bow ties are not all created equal, and even after you find a style that fits your persona, you need to consider how you’re going to incorporate those pieces of neckwear too. For the most part, the way you tie your bow ties depends on what you’re wearing and what general look you’re going for.

The traditional bow tie is often a man’s best bet when wearing a suit. If you’ve never worn a bow tie before, learning how to tie a bow tie in a traditional fashion is a must as well. This will also be your go-to look for most events.


Wear Your Vest

Men from all walks of life can pull off a bow tie, and whether you prefer classic Italian-style suits or you go for a modern, ultra-slim fit, you can definitely work with a bow tie. One other accessory really does work well with the bow tie though – the vest.

If you have a suit that came with a vest, try putting yours on before you put your bow tie on. You might find that you get a little bit of extra confidence, especially when you’re going for a more formal look.

Men that prefer old-fashioned looks will also appreciate how a vest and bow tie look when paired together.

Confidence is Key

Wearing suits with bow ties is something any man can do if he picks the right style. However, one key factor will play a major part in how you’re going to look. That’s your overall confidence level.

To really look like you know what you’re doing with your wardrobe, you need to have some confidence when pairing suits with bow ties. If you don’t have it today, try pairing your suit and bow tie for a night out with friends or a low-stakes event.

That way you’ll feel a little bit more confident when it’s time to try your suits with bow ties for a big event where people might be judging how you look. Stick with the basics at first too – at least until you know you can pull of a bow tie with the confidence of the most sartorially-savvy man.

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