Men Fashion Jewelry : What to Wear and What Not to Wear

Some men also enjoy wearing jewelry as women.

Certain pieces; tie-bars and cufflinks for example, are predominately male. But nowadays men can wear earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more. You just need to know how. Therefore, Mainline Menswear has created this handy guide addressing certain types of jewellery, and if you can get away with wearing them. Jewellery 1

What to wear

The first piece of jewellery that is always alright for a man to wear, in any situation, is his wedding ring. It doesn’t require much of an explanation. Wedding rings are a definite yes, no matter what it looks like, it signifies your bond with your partner, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you want to wear another ring, generally keep it to a maximum of two. Signet rings or fraternal rings are the most universally accepted. But you can also wear a second ring for any other reason, so long as you don’t have a different one on each finger. Jewellery 2

Watches are the next definite yes. A large watch face with a simple leather or metal strap can be an eye-catching statement which brightens up your general every day wear. In general, analogue watches are more accepted than digital, but it’s really down to what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Cufflinks and tie-bars are further men’s accessories which are totally okay to wear. They are regarded more as suit accessories than items of jewellery these days. As any well-dressed man in a suit should own at least one or the other. A tie-bar should just be a simple gold or silver plated strip; cufflinks can be more exotic. But remember simple metallic cufflinks look the smartest.

Finally, earrings are the most accepted piercing for men to have. Depending on where you’re going, you ought to know whether earrings are acceptable attire or not. As a general rule, stick to subtle studs, in gold, silver or black. You don’t want to draw too much attention to your earrings, so keep them neutral and avoid larger or dangling pieces.

What not to wear

Unfortunately, there are many more types of jewellery that are not acceptable for man than those that are. Firm no’s are awarded to toe rings, anklets, belly-button piercings and excessive facial piercings. Just don’t wear them. They don’t look good, no matter what anyone tells you. Any second glances you receive are much more likely to be along the lines of confusion, rather than approval.

Bracelets and necklaces are teetering along the maybe line. You can wear them; you just have to know how. Jewellery 3

With necklaces, stick to one or two at the most, and for length, have it hang at least six to eight inches above your navel. Many men wear gold chains, and these can look good if worn properly, you just need to be able to pull it off with confidence. In our opinion, a thin gold, silver or leather chain with a statement piece hanging off looks best. Coins, arrowheads or something similar work well.

For bracelets, it truly depends on what look you’re trying to pull off. Cloth or cord-type bracelets are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger men. In this case, you can wear three or four close together to create a wider band appearance – this look works best with t-shirts or when your shirt sleeves are rolled up.

Larger, chunky bracelets shouldn’t ever really be worn, as they can be too much of a statement piece. If you’re wearing a watch, it looks better to wear your bracelets on the other arm, to create a balanced look. Otherwise you could take up half of your forearm with jewellery and this can be overpowering.

And finally

What and how much jewellery you wear is really up to you. If you feel confident enough to pull it off, then why not go for it. However, if you’re smartly dressed up in a suit, then it’s best to leave the jewellery at home. Most men see jewellery as more of a casual accessory, not something that’s suited for the office. Obviously with the exception of watches, cufflinks and tie-bars.

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