Men Fashion : Dress in the Dark , Add a Bit of Color to Your Outfit

Are you tired of the simple design or pure color clothing, no worries, check here.

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T-shirts and Shirts

To start, t-shirts are by far the easiest garment you can get away with wearing prints on. They can be worn as a statement piece, but don’t create as much of an ‘oh-my-god-look-at-me’ feeling as wearing printed trousers or a jacket does. Print 2

This rule is pretty much the same for shirts. Although naturally with shirts being long sleeved, they will show more of the print. However, choosing either a shirt or t-shirt to be a focal point of your outfit is the most common choice. You can distract from the print by wearing simple black or blue jeans, and not creating an entirely over the top look.

Choosing the type of print for a t-shirt or shirt is much easier than choosing print for other garments as well. This is simply because you can get away with wearing more. Floral, camo, shape designs or something truly unique. It doesn’t matter what print you choose, as this is designed to be the eye-catching part of your outfit.

Other clothing

When wearing print on other items of clothing, such as trousers or jackets, you have to be a little bit more careful. This is because they’re not usually worn as statement pieces, especially trousers. We’re much more used to people wearing trousers in neutral colours, like black, blue or grey. Therefore, if you want to wear printed trousers make sure you choose something fairly neutral – like checks or pinstripe. Print 3

Print on jackets is more common, and can work providing you choose the print correctly. Camo jackets are very common, and are a style of printed jacket you can pull off with ease. Other times you can pull off a printed jacket well is if the print is on a neutrally coloured background, like black or white. Or if the sleeves are a neutral colour to contrast the body of the jacket.

Types of prints

Finally, we just want to assure you that floral and camo print aren’t the only options, despite them being the most common. The reason you don’t hear many other prints being talked about as is just because they don’t have very straightforward names.

Obviously there are stripes and spots, but what do you call a design that’s just a bunch of swirling lines crossing over each other? Or repeated patterns of things like palm trees and ocean waves. Just because these prints don’t have names, doesn’t mean they’re not out there for you to wear. Print 4

If you want to go for it and wear prints, then the key is to really go for it. Don’t hold back and be nervous about what you’re wearing. If you look confident in print, then that’s how other people will see your outfit too.

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