Men Bags Recommended : Standouts the Salt and Pepper Collection

Let’s get to know it.

The standouts include the Voyager Daypack, Wilderness Rucksack, Everyday Tote, and Nomad Duffel. The first of the group is modestly sized and perfect for around-town excursions, day hikes, long weekends away, etc. Next up is the Wilderness Rucksack; though a bit too big for daily use, the utilitarian rolltop design makes it the workhorse of the collection and worthy of some serious use.

And then we have the Everyday Tote—a boxy, over-the-shoulder option designed to be exactly capable of carrying a dozen vinyl records. If you’re not a record head, you can still put your groceries and lunch and other less fun stuff in there, too. The Nomad Duffel is big, heavy-duty, and seriously handsome. You won’t have any trouble finding this sucker on the baggage carousel.

And of course, each and every bag is made under one roof by hand in Portland, Oregon. Check the collection yourself for more details. But don’t sleep, as the line is currently only available exclusively from TG online and in their three brick-and-mortar shops.


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