Does ‘La La Land’ Deserve the Hype?


Emotionally rewarding La La Land only won the Golden Globe Award for Best Music / Comedy (along with six other awards, including Best Screenplay) – has been huge. A strong climax of many elements: there is a wealth of photography, good cast, a stable and talented director. There is only one problem: La La Land is not well written. It is not the weakness of this film, the script that does not follow the basic principles of narrative. This is a problem that plagues more and more movies. (Hint: The main plot point of La La land will be shown in the following parameters, so reject it if you have not seen this movie yet.)

La La Land was written and directed by Damien Chazelle, thirty-one, screenwriter and directed 2014, at a loss. Chazelle is undoubtedly a genius, but he can use an extra set of eyes in his script. His motives for the role, which are building blocks of any good story, never fully developed. There are plot points, even in fantastic musical elements, such as La La Land, which are incredible. This is a shame, because the script has been developed completely, La La land may be a masterpiece.

La La Land is a love story set in Los Angeles. Mia is an aspiring actor and playwright, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a troubled jazz musician. The two meet, fall in love together, but after the final separation, Mia’s land filming in Paris. The collapse of the relationship, Mia became a successful actress (and others married) and Sebastian finally opened his own club. In the final scene of the powerful, Mia and her husband happened to encounter Sebastian’s club, and Sebastian a fantasy, Mia was his marriage.

La La Land has several magnificent scenes. The opening music number, “Another Sunny Day,” features hundreds of singers and dancers performing a serious traffic jam, and their grievances trapped behind the steering wheel exploded into a happy choreography. Mia and Sebastian share a lovely moment singing Pink Twilight’s settled view in Hollywood’s breathtaking view. Jazz scene is exciting, moving in the final scene. But I have never fully invested in the role, especially Sebastian, because I do not know what their motivation is.

La La Land is not the only film failure in this storytelling base. Manchester has won praise from critics on the beach, but the main characters in the film never express sadness to slowly kill him. Also in New Will Smith ‘s film, Collateral’ s beauty, Silence is the protagonist in the film. Comparing these films has become an anomaly: the gorgeous, fully-formed script of Denzel Washington’s new film fence (Denzel robbed of the Best Actor Award, lost to the slouchy Casey Affleck). Or consider the full development of the film from the previous era: Goodfellas, Anne Hall, “The Empire Strikes Back” and did a better job of exploring the characters’ motivations.

In LA’s Los Angeles land, Mia says she became an art playwright because the aunt lived in Paris, but we never saw this aunt. No exploration of Mia. Sebastian, with stunning rigidity through Ryan Gosling, was even worse. He is a jazz musician, and you would think that would encourage a very interesting background story. But Chazelle has never told us what prompted Sebastian to embrace music. Who taught him how to play? Why not jazz and rock?

La La Land does not have much drama about what the film critic Mike Stoklasa calls the new Star Wars film, Rogue – “Theatrical Look.” Perhaps in the post-literate era, filmmakers no longer feel the need to develop characters or Craft great writing. That’s too bad, because ignoring the story, the film La La Land, even if there are piles of awards and praise, can only be great.

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