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Stripes have been a mainstay in popular fashion for years, with hundreds of differing styles and colour variations entering the fray each and every day. From multi coloured designs, varied stripe thickness and direction, and stripe/solid colour/print style mixes; there are unlimited options when choosing which striped shirt to wear.

With these things in mind, we’ve taken the most popular three situations in which to wear striped shirts, explained what makes them so fitting for the occasion and provided some great versatile options available for purchase right here on Mainline Menswear.

Smart/Business Stripes

Striped button ups and oxford shirts have been worn as formal wear for years. Particularly popular when it comes to higher end businesswear – we’re talking suits, trousers, ties and suspenders – striped shirts in this regard give the wearer a man-in-charge, business tycoon type image; think American Psycho, think Wolf of Wall Street.

If you’re serious about wanting to look sharp, then striped button ups are the way forward. Just be sure to complete the look by matching the shirts formality with equally formal items such as pinstripe trousers, oxford shoes and tie clips.

Summer Stripes

Stripes can be very versatile depending on a number of things; from the width of the stripes, the direction in which they run, the colour, the contrast of the background, etc. The main thing that makes certain striped shirts more summer oriented than others is usually the colour schemes – obviously brighter colours with more blatant colour contrasts are going to be more suited to warmer weather.

With that in mind, the shirts we recommend for such circumstances are brighter, more varied in colour and as a result more casual. Classic white and black stripes are also a good option for summer, but these can also be worn casually year-round.

Casual Stripes

Casual stripes are any occasion stripes. Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring; a walk in the park, a trip to town or out for lunch with friends, these options cover all bases.They’re more ‘plain’ in their colour scheme as opposed to the above but for good reason. White, black and dark navy are always a great choice when it comes to casualwear simply because these colours go with almost anything, which is exactly what you want out of casual clothing.

Whether it’s blue jeans, black chinos or khaki shorts, monochrome stripes add depth to your laidback outfit, whilst the pattern of the stripes adds further vibrancy to your otherwise ‘ordinary’ casual style.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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