What Are the Key Features of Best Student Backpacks ? Answer Here


You must need a backpack as a student, now tell you how to choose the best student backpack for you.

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On the Go

One of the most important features for a backpack is longevity. You’re going to have it with you five days a week for most weeks of the year – if you attend your lectures that is. Therefore, you need a backpack that won’t break, tear or rip after the first couple of months.

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The North Face’s Access backpack is the perfect choice for a student who is always on the go. It has a vented design for breathability, and a foam body over the steel framework, making it very secure. Inside there are several clearly separated compartments so you can store everything you want and be sure it will stay safe.

At £215 this is one of the most expensive backpacks, but it is worth the investment. It will last you for many years and can be taken not only around university with you, but out into the world for sports activities or whatever else you fancy.


Another excellent reason to spend time choosing your backpack wisely is because it will become your fashion statement. Your backpack will be worn with everything, so choosing a neutral colour or design is helpful, as this will avoid it clashing with other items of clothing. Backpack 3

This Adidas Originals Essentials backpack has a two-colour tone, pairing navy with a dark burgundy. Both these colours are fairly neutral so you will be able to get away with wearing this bag with almost anything.

It also boosts a rather simplistic design, so if you don’t want to stand out too much this is the bag for you. People who see you wearing it will know you have fashion sense, but also realise you’re not trying to show off too much. Plus at only £30 it’s something even a student can afford!


Finally, something you’ll definitely need to be assured of at university is that all your belongings are safe. You don’t want to lose your keys in the depth of your rucksack. Nor should you be worried that your water bottle will leak all over your notes.Backpack 4

Something with a large number of pockets and compartments is the perfect solution to this issue. The Under Armour Storm Hustle II backpack is crammed with secret spaces. It has four external pockets; two mesh water bottle holders and a number of internal pockets as well.

This bag is ideal for someone who is always losing his belongings, and will guarantee you manage to keep your life in a little more order. At £40 this backpack is just about affordable for a student, and if not, that is always what the overdraft is for!

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