Kanye West Released Season 4 of his Own Label Yeezy, and Collaborated With Adidas

Kanye West is a songwriter, record producer, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

He has just released Season 4 of his own label Yeezy, collaborated with Adidas and is currently working on a new label ‘Calabasas’ with his wife, Kim Kardashian West and Adidas, whilst remaining on his world tour, ‘Saint Pablo’.

The Style of Kanye West –

Maintaining his busy lifestyle must be challenging and at times tedious, however Kanye West has managed to dedicate his time to focus on his ever changing style. We have seen Kanye’s signature look emerge from the bold gold chains, shutter shades and a brighter color palette, moving forward onto leather trousers, over sized clothing and layers. Kanye’s latest style involves of a much subtler color palette with a khaki green, a soft stone shade and a monochromic touch, this appears to be projected throughout his Yeezy collection.

Kanye West

Throughout his musical career Kanye has referenced a few of his personal style icons, including ‘Slick Rick & Puff Daddy’, due to the colours they wore and the bold statements they would make, Kanye has previously stated that he appreciates Kim Kardashian West for adapting her style and how she is never afraid to make a bold statement, despite having a group of people around her saying this can impact her image and career.  Kanye also notes and respects other high end fashion brands for example; Ralph Lauren, he feels they have had a huge impact on the fashion industry.

Other than having his own style to focus on, it is believed he has an influential effect on his wife’s evolving look, other family members also support the ‘Yeezy’ trend, including his daughter North West. With them being one quarter of the 21st century’s most photographed family, it comes to no surprise that family members are wearing the fashion – forward, minimalistic brand.

Kanye West

Kanye West is famously provocative yet at the same time notably influential, especially within the fashion industry. Despite receiving criticism for his Yeezy collection in season 1, this has not effected Kanye and he has continued to produce another 3 seasons. Perhaps this is the reason he is a style icon himself, not only the way he dresses but what he has achieved. In contempt of the bad press he receives quite regularly, Kanye’s highly opinionated views have displeased many, however he deals with the wrath and those who criticize have been known to be wearing his clothing or pieces that have been inspired the designer himself.

So regardless of his reputation, he has succeeded within the music realm and is on his way up in the fashion society, maybe he will make it to the top? We will just have to wait and see for what lies ahead in season 5.

Kanye West

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